1. skim2636's Avatar
    The rubber on the sides gives you protection while the clear plastic back casing still allows you to prominently display the apple logo. Like a bumper but with added protection!
    10-21-2011 04:58 PM
  2. dezi20's Avatar
    Otterbox. I use otterbox because my phone has been dropped down cement stairs and didnt break with that case on.
    10-21-2011 05:04 PM
  3. smileyboy's Avatar
    I just got my Lifeproof case for my white iP4S. I'm a electrician and need the protection. Headset sounds nice too for noisy jobs sites.

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    10-21-2011 05:33 PM
  4. jorge.franqui's Avatar
    I like the other Otterbox Defender case because i drop my phone a lot on and so far its been the best case ever had. This headset will work perfect with my Iphone, Please pick me!
    10-21-2011 05:41 PM
  5. Ipilot4s's Avatar
    I've had an Ikonic Edge case for my 3GS and now for my 4S and I love them. I'm not one to settle on something like a case without doing a lot of research, I looked at all the different ones on the market, read reviews and looked at photos but non of the cases I saw made me feel like I had to have it until I saw this one.

    It's a great looking leather case from New Zealand made to a very high standard. It doesn't boast any cheap unnecessary features or make the iphone bulky.

    It allows me to keep my iPhone looking like an iPhone, which makes it my all time favourite.
    10-21-2011 06:10 PM
  6. familyguy615's Avatar
    I prefer Otterbox cases because they are affordable and durable without being cheap or ugly!
    10-21-2011 06:16 PM
  7. DonnishhRawr's Avatar

    hands down the best case I have ever had. Protects the heck out of my phone!!
    10-21-2011 06:52 PM
  8. ericwilborn's Avatar
    Seidio. Great protection, innovation, and AMAZING customer service.
    10-21-2011 07:08 PM
  9. tylerevan's Avatar
    Because I haven't had problems with dropping my phone or having it be demolished by everyday occurrences, I really look for excellent aesthetics when I want a case, which is why I absolutely love Speck's case for the iPhone 4.
    10-21-2011 07:48 PM
  10. Carlos223's Avatar
    I'm a fan of thin cases. Right now I got a Elago S4 slim case.
    10-21-2011 08:00 PM
  11. izzyardo's Avatar
    I like the iSkin Solo FX series. I've had them for both my 3GS and now my 4S and I like the stylish design without adding bulk. I just sold my 3GS in flawless condition thanks to that case!
    10-21-2011 09:13 PM
  12. extol4000's Avatar
    Gotta go with Otterbox. The customer service ALONE is the best around!
    10-22-2011 12:21 AM
  13. Dantari's Avatar
    Gotta go with Otterbox!
    10-22-2011 12:37 AM
  14. Zach7's Avatar
    Speck Candyshell for me cause it has good drop protection, screen side ha rubber edges to keep its place on smooth surfaces and the sides and back are smooth so it's easy in and out of the pocket.
    10-22-2011 01:21 AM
  15. pktgumby's Avatar
    Used a Seidio Innocase for my 3GS and loved it. Just picked up a Seidio Active X for my 4S, and so far so good.
    10-22-2011 02:51 AM
  16. munchkinsdad's Avatar
    My favorite case is Seidio! It has a cool rubber like anti-slip case wich is comfortable to hold, does not add bulk and also comes with a holster. Both are very durable and have sleek design! I've used it for my Blackberry's before the iPhone 4 and up to now with the iPhone 4s!
    10-22-2011 06:03 AM
  17. lococobra's Avatar
    Personally I like the Incase clear snap case. It's clean, doesn't really detract from the existing design, works with both white and black iPhones, and doesn't have any sort of paint that will rub off over time (such as some of the black cases).
    10-22-2011 07:04 AM
  18. aallison05's Avatar
    Otterbox is the way to go, saved my phone from total destruction many times.
    10-22-2011 07:21 AM
  19. greasemuntney's Avatar
    Rocking the Griffin Survivor case had the OtterBox and the case is not in the same league as the older Otters. But the Griffin is MIL Spec and great case.
    10-22-2011 07:37 AM
  20. imiller913's Avatar
    I dont know what case to go with yet, but I think the otterbox is a lil to bulky for my taste
    10-22-2011 11:36 AM
  21. pcslc's Avatar
    Speck. I think they have some of the best looking cases and they have warranties on them!
    10-22-2011 11:45 AM
  22. jlninsfl's Avatar
    I use Speck because it is sturdy and yet slim enough to not make a big bulge while in pocket!
    10-22-2011 12:17 PM
  23. wats60's Avatar
    Otterbox defender series gives me the protection that I need.

    I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=34.945355,-89.925366
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    10-22-2011 12:27 PM
  24. kilo720's Avatar
    Otterbox they aren't the most sexy look case but the duality is amazing never have to that scare look when your phone drops
    10-22-2011 12:28 PM
  25. Magabury's Avatar
    I have to give it to Mophie. I use my phone a lot while I'm out and it always tends to be stuff like YouTube, constant Twitter use, AppStore (Searching and download), etc. My batter life goes down quite a bit, but when I've needed it most, it's come through for me.

    Me and my brother drove me sister up to a shooting competition up in Oak Harbor, WA. From where we are (Oregon City, OR) it's about a 6 hour drive (Including stops). While we were up there we stayed the night, but the day of the competition was also the day we had to drive back home (I didn't know this at the time). So they finish shooting, get scores, do awards and we get in the car and my brother asks me to use my phone as a GPS to go home. I was at 20% battery at that time so I turned on the Mophie pack and voila within about 45 minutes my phone had a good charge in it.

    The Mophie pack is a great thing to have around regardless. Even if you prefer to have a different case on, the Mophie is a life saver.
    10-22-2011 03:23 PM
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