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    Wish I had read online reviews outside this website and actually doubting the company will post my review on their site because it's impossible for me to believe that everyone LOVES this case per the reviews at Element's site (ie; I'd guess there is censoring going on or selective posting of reviews). The aluminum is flimsy feeling and has gaps between it and the iPhone 4 edges which are just begging to get filled with all kinds of debris. The plastic side piece is truly the achilles heel as it bows out away from the phone so you can see right between that side piece and the phone. The constant wiggle/play of this incredibly flimsy piece of plastic along with the perpetual bowing in and out of it while the case is in your hand are both distracting and just inexcusable for a case of this price... actually any case period. I did not realize the "carbon fiber" backing was simply an adhesive stick-on that you apply yourself to the iPhone and is not integrated into the actual case. Again, for the money this is ridiculous... the backing actually also leaves gaps between it and the aluminum case, if applied, such that debris could collect there. I sold this immediately on eBay but actually felt a twinge of guilt taking someone's money for it. It really is a poorly made product and this company should be ashamed for putting out something so ill-fitting and cheap while charging such a premium price. I guess you can sell a bag of turds for $1000 and it's the buyer who might in question... but this company posts pictures and describes this product in a way that are misleading in several accounts when compared to the product delivered. I found myriad posts on macrumors and elsewhere commenting on these numerous fatal flaws after I placed my order... sending back to the company will apparently cost a 20% restock fee so eBay was the best way to rid myself of the worst case (regardless of price) I have yet purchased for any iPhone I've owned. Last time I'll even visit their site unless I find out significant quality improvements are made.

    Just wanted to warn people who are considering this that, although YMMV, I hope you've taken the red pill before ordering or just have a different set of expectations than I did or you might find yourself pretty disappointed.
    10-19-2011 11:45 PM
  2. Zach7's Avatar
    Thank you for the review.
    10-20-2011 12:56 AM
  3. BillBerry's Avatar
    Thanks for giving a review on this case. I was considering ordering one, but after reading this ill have to look elsewhere.
    10-20-2011 02:29 AM
  4. 2xchapter's Avatar
    Thats odd, i got the vapor 4 pro white edition no problem here.
    10-24-2011 04:04 PM
  5. jjcasillas15's Avatar
    Going to have to double think this case now..Was actually planning on ordering one. Didnt know the back piece was just a "sticker". Thanks for the heads up.
    10-24-2011 05:40 PM
  6. aandrewalv8's Avatar
    Have you tried the Vapor 4? My brothers friend has it and it's really sturdy and doesn't move around. I'm getting an authentic one for 40 dollars so think it's worth it?
    10-26-2011 09:37 PM