1. IamJAd's Avatar
    Hi gang. I'll be new to the iPhone 4s that will arrive next week. So, of course, it's time to shop for cases.

    I love the form factor of the iPhone, so I'm looking for a case that is very thin. Something like 1mm thin. Black would be nice, clear even better. However, I need it to work in tandem with a horizontal belt holster, one that the phone will clip face-in, hold it secure, and be durable.

    I currently have this kind of setup for my Android, made by Seidio. They have the same setup for the iPhone, but I wouldn't mind something that looks different. And since you guys are more up to speed, I know you'll have ideas for me to look at.

    No leather pouches, nothing thick.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-08-2011 09:36 PM
  2. RC28's Avatar
    Seidio really does the best cases/holsters for Iphone 4/4S. The Active x is a great case, and the holster works with a few cases from other manufacturers as well, including the Casemate Pop case.

    Be careful about the Surface case. My first one was fine, but I recently ordered another one, and it was too tight. I could not get the case off the phone, and had to take it to the Apple Store to get it off. They couldn't get it off either, even with a special tool they had. They had to break it off, and said it was a badly designed case.
    10-09-2011 01:05 AM
  3. IamJAd's Avatar
    Seidio officially has not declared their Verizon 4 cases to fit the 4s. Odd, don't you think?
    10-09-2011 01:12 AM