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    I have a Jawbone ICON Bluetooth earpiece and love it, except for two things: it's not loud enough and lacks AVRCP controls to pause and play audio. The other Jawbone headsets, including the ERA, don't support AVRCP, either.

    Now they have the ICON HD, which boasts a 25% bigger speaker and AVRCP controls! Unfortunately, it comes bundled with the Nerd, which is a PC dongle I don't need, and costs $140, about twice what I paid for my ICON, which you can find these days under $40.

    Has anybody used the HD? If so, how did you find the volume and AV remote controls? If it's a significant improvement, maybe I can wait for it to go on sale, or see if I can get it unbundled. Or do you know of a different product that has everything I want?

    Update: Jawbone released an update on their MyTALK page which makes the ICON louder, amongst other things. It's now plenty loud enough. There is also a new "Voice Control" Dial App that works better with Siri, too. And the HD now comes unbundled for under $100, but I can live without AVRCP until it gets cheaper.
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    10-08-2011 05:35 AM
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    Seriously, the Icon isn't loud enough for you? From day one I've been turning the volume down on it. I've found it to have better sound quality (volume) than most wired headsets I've used over several years.

    Have you adjusted the volume at all?

    And just to play devil's advocate...wouldn't you rather listen to music in stereo rather than in one ear? I just wouldn't worry about AVCRP on a mono earbud - I'd save it for stereo headphones (Bluetooth or wired).
    10-08-2011 09:31 AM
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    Why does anybody do mono? Because they can't do stereo! And who said anything about music? I drive for a living, and listen mostly to podcasts, which don't need stereo anyway. I'm in a noisy environment, and it can be difficult to understand what they're saying. I've had two ICONs and they're definitely not as loud as my wired headphones.

    I know how to adjust it and I keep the volume at maximum all the time. I can play music on the radio through the speakers at full volume, when I want.

    I need AVCRP controls so that I don't need to take my eyes off the road. I am constantly having to pause because of my job, which means fiddling with the phone. The wires have buttons but get tangled and are easy to break, specially when one is just dangling.
    10-08-2011 04:05 PM