1. sidneyleekitchens's Avatar
    I was very sad to hear of the death of Steve Jobs. I have admired him for a long time even tho i never owned an apple product. He will be missed. I am drifting here from WebOs where the disappointments have been bitter and am limping along with a Homebrewed Palm Pre Plus that I am loathe to give up. Went and played with the IPhone 4 at a local Apple store and have decided to take the plunge as soon as it is available to me after the 14th. I am not really able to reasonably critique or compare the 4s but the specs look as groovy or groovier than anybody elses. I can wait till later for a larger screen if needs be. I would rather have smaller anyway....i have enjoyed reading this blog the last week and look forward to being around...cheers
    10-06-2011 02:14 PM
  2. drpimp1393's Avatar
    I feel so bad steve jobs died right after the iphone was announced
    10-06-2011 02:14 PM
  3. mjfadaway's Avatar
    Rest In Peace Steve Jobs!
    10-06-2011 02:15 PM
  4. ElectroLund's Avatar
    Yippee! iPhone 4S.
    10-06-2011 02:15 PM
  5. Mercule's Avatar
    My wife said, "I need to have the car fixed before you can have your phone fix."

    Great contest!
    10-06-2011 02:15 PM
  6. AndyNJ's Avatar
    It'd totally be down to win an iPhone 4S
    10-06-2011 02:15 PM
  7. Rayfurd's Avatar
    As a long time Sprint user, I would love to win a 4S and donate my TP2 to my wife that so desperately needs a good smart phone.. though she likely won't give up her old flip phone without a fight... Thank you
    10-06-2011 02:16 PM
  8. Jymn12's Avatar
    All the smart, funny and clever things have been said before me, that's my life.

    Either way, I hit TiPb maybe 8 times a day! Don't want to miss a thing. Thanks for the contest!

    10-06-2011 02:16 PM
  9. dljames's Avatar
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  10. Behshad's Avatar
    Count me in !
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  11. estorm09's Avatar
    winning this would be a nice belated birthday gift or an excellent early wedding gift, either way it would be AWESOME
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  12. ramk's Avatar
    Long time reader, first time poster. Would be great to have an iPhone 4S - a tribute to the genius of our times!
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  13. liquidzoo's Avatar
    I'd love one. My 3GS is getting old, and it's time to upgrade.
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  14. rkbrown81's Avatar
    I just bought a house, so I have no money! It would be awesome to win this!
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  15. luiggimaster's Avatar
    I Would love to win an iPhone 4S since i haven't won any contest from TipB.COm. I Would be amazing..

    R.I.P Steve Jobs
    10-06-2011 02:17 PM
  16. dispatcher307's Avatar
    I so need to win this. My wife needs a new phone and I'd love to buy her an iPhone.
    10-06-2011 02:18 PM
  17. utore's Avatar
    Here's to Steve!
    10-06-2011 02:18 PM
  18. abra0063's Avatar
    This is my first forum ever! hello world! Best iPhone blog ever!!!!!!! You want participation? I'll show you participation!!! Here I go!!! Woo!!! iPhone 4s in my hands baby!!!! Siri..schedule a time for me on Oct 14 to go pick up my new iPhone 4s with my 500 gift card from Tipd! Life is great! I love you all!
    10-06-2011 02:18 PM
  19. sep2006's Avatar
    10-06-2011 02:19 PM
  20. theSlex's Avatar
    A new case sure would be swell! Keep up the good work, TiPb-ers!
    10-06-2011 02:19 PM
  21. jawe347's Avatar
    I am a long time Sprint Customer and have been waiting for this day to arrive for an eternity it seems. Unfortunately I may have to wait longer to get the iPhone 4S since Sprint has done away with the Premier program. According to them I'll be eligible next October or pay $599. I'm a veteran whose currently a full time student with kids, don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.
    10-06-2011 02:19 PM
  22. dmstrom's Avatar
    The iPhone 4S is an exciting product and one I expect to get, either through TIPB or my local ATT store. Obviously, optimally Georgia would hand it to me along with a peck on the cheek.
    10-06-2011 02:19 PM
  23. goong522's Avatar
    hope i win!!!
    10-06-2011 02:19 PM
  24. splyntyr's Avatar
    That phone is mine...iHope.
    10-06-2011 02:19 PM
  25. alent1234's Avatar
    going to stay up all night to pre-order one
    10-06-2011 02:20 PM
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