1. hopper's Avatar
    I need one to keep up with my ex wife and kids!
    10-08-2011 03:08 PM
  2. egoodhand's Avatar
    pick meeeeeeee I'm in desperate need of a phone!
    10-08-2011 03:10 PM
  3. GStrecker's Avatar
    I have been wanting to get an iPhone for some time now but due to the downturns in the economy, I have just not been able to save up the cash. It would be awesome to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

    It was sad to hear that Steve Jobs passed away. He accomplished so much and probably had much more to contribute. He was my age, so it really makes you stop and think about how much time we each really have in this life. We need to make sure we are right with God and treat those around us with love and respect. Stay straight and be ready when your time here comes to an end.

    10-08-2011 03:11 PM
  4. luman11's Avatar
    Thank you much.:o
    10-08-2011 03:23 PM
  5. ricbon's Avatar
    aahh man!! would love a free iphone4s from TIPB, the only blog I go for any iphone tidbit, news, review, and help!!
    10-08-2011 03:33 PM
  6. glitchy74's Avatar
    This is my case for picking me:

    (I guess I can't posts links yet, but read my post about Sprint having my blood boiling). I've been reading here for months while transitioning from WebOS to iOS.
    10-08-2011 03:35 PM
  7. zdkaram#IM's Avatar
    I always enter these contest, hopefully I will hear something this time......
    10-08-2011 03:47 PM
  8. rajstruck's Avatar
    A free iPhone 4s now would be be a perfect way for me to remember the great Steve Jobs. He's seeped into all our lives over the years and this would be a perfect token for me. RIP Steve.
    10-08-2011 04:05 PM
  9. coreymcl's Avatar
    Here's hoping I the lucky winner.
    10-08-2011 04:30 PM
  10. Stupidkid's Avatar
    Awesome contest! I'd be happy with just a case! Haha
    10-08-2011 04:31 PM
  11. kfreemanii's Avatar
    thanks for the chance tipb!
    10-08-2011 05:00 PM
  12. W00tn3ss's Avatar
    Entered. Keep up the great work y'all!
    10-08-2011 05:43 PM
  13. dsump's Avatar
    I have been a Blackberry user for most of the cellular life (Since they first came out). I have always been loyal to Rim. A few times over the past couple years, I thought about jumping ship to either an Android Device or Iphone. I finally placed an order for my first Iphone. I ordered two 16gb but wished maybe I went a little bigger. I am excited to finally get a reliable phone and device. I will be reading up on your site and putting my Crackberry bookmark on the back burner.
    10-08-2011 05:47 PM
  14. therandomone's Avatar
    I'd like to win!
    TiPb is my main i site. I started coming here when I got my 3GS (forever ago), and I've checked in daily ever since!
    10-08-2011 07:10 PM
  15. dalspartan#IM's Avatar
    Win one, buy one, as long as I get one. iOS 5 update soon for iPad!
    10-08-2011 07:39 PM
  16. uberspeed's Avatar
    Count me in please! Read TiPb daily.
    Much obliged.
    10-08-2011 07:40 PM
  17. Nchaka's Avatar
    Thanks for the great contest! I could use a case for my 4S! The phone will a nice upgrade from my 3GS.

    RIP Steve Jobs Thank you for the innovations and your genius. You made other companies keep up and improved our lives through our tech.
    10-08-2011 07:53 PM
  18. Thril3r's Avatar
    I'm new here, but I really want to win the iPhone 4S to remind me of Steve Jobs and his last invention
    10-08-2011 07:58 PM
  19. mast411's Avatar
    I tried to pre-order it and i can't and i need a new iPhone my power button doesn't work
    10-08-2011 07:59 PM
  20. realphood's Avatar
    Fantastic ! I would love to win a new iPhone 4S!

    you know I have been a mac fan for over 20 years and this is so inspiring to me to see where things have come. I used to run a Power Mac 6500! lol and back then that was the cats meow

    go Apple iPhone
    10-08-2011 08:13 PM
  21. janellemac's Avatar
    Janelle I am.


    Just a regular girl with a regular life, and certainly not a techno girl in any form.

    Something shifted within me though when I heard of Steve not being with us any longer.

    His vision, His tenacity, His truth, His vulnerabilities.

    I knew of his wonderfulness before he died, but not in the way that really mattered.

    I have always been a Mac girl because yes, they are gorgeous creatures. It is so important that element to me.

    Beyond the genius of what these masterful Life Tools give us daily, there is more than ever, a deep sense of gratitude for the struggles, creativity and strength in convictions that Steve maintained in his life.

    For that, thank you.

    Your words and wisdom live in me still.

    Thank You Steve,

    Thanks for all my Apples.

    I love them.

    Janelle j
    10-08-2011 08:31 PM
  22. flopotof's Avatar
    Nice gesture!
    10-08-2011 08:48 PM
  23. 7starmarc's Avatar
    Coming back to iOS from Android, a free, new iPhone 4S would be a great welcome back present
    10-08-2011 09:11 PM
  24. BigLan's Avatar
    This looks to be another great contest put on by TipB. Good luck to everyone.
    10-08-2011 09:15 PM
  25. Pre3not4me's Avatar
    Just joined! Hope I win!

    iRip Steve Jobs, you changed the world in so many ways
    10-08-2011 09:24 PM
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