1. Severian126's Avatar
    A chance to win the next great phone? I am definitely in on this. I plan to purchase regardless if I don't win - mainly in memory for the iconic Steve Jobs - but I would definitely be very happy to win it and save some money.
    10-06-2011 01:03 PM
  2. EggoEspada's Avatar
    So awesome you guys are doing this. Don't currently own an iPhone, but it certainly would be an honor to own possibly the last device Steve Jobs helped create.
    10-06-2011 01:03 PM
  3. Triniiphone's Avatar
    RIP to SJ. he was the greatest innovator ever. i hope his legacy lives on! long lives apple!!!
    10-06-2011 01:03 PM
  4. Matthoop11's Avatar
    Yesss TIPB I love you!!
    10-06-2011 01:03 PM
  5. mysimba97's Avatar
    While very disappointed in no iPhone 5, I so very much want an iPhone4S.... I've made the gradual transition from Blackberry to Android and now, hopefully, iPhone...

    10-06-2011 01:04 PM
  6. kjparfekt's Avatar
    Having suffered with a palm pre for many years on sprint then jumping on the Android bandwagon when iPhone hope was lost I would be beyond happy if I were selected to win the new iPhone 4s otherwise it's a 1.5 year upgrade wait for me. Thanks TiPb!!!
    10-06-2011 01:04 PM
  7. uslsbmx's Avatar
    Alright TiPb! Let the contest begin!
    10-06-2011 01:04 PM
  8. Rgarza70's Avatar
    RIP Steve Jobs - The Greatest Technology Inventor of our Time.
    He created change in the Tech World and now TiPb is managing it.
    Thanks guys for all the articles and information you provide.


    10-06-2011 01:04 PM
  9. baykine's Avatar
    I've been coming to this site even when I was a Blackberry user. I am now a very proud iPhone and Apple user. This site is great and I hope I win!

    Good luck to everyone here!

    10-06-2011 01:04 PM
  10. john87's Avatar
    I am new, always liked Steve Jobs, and would love to win an new iPhone 4S
    10-06-2011 01:05 PM
  11. wahoolions's Avatar
    Leaving a comment in hopes of winning an iPhone 4S!
    10-06-2011 01:05 PM
  12. AnimalCrackers's Avatar
    SO excited I have been with sprint for 13 years and have used android since the eve came out. Unfortunately for android I also have a mac and a iPad. Love that i can finally get all my devices to communicate seemlessly!
    10-06-2011 01:05 PM
  13. railstop's Avatar
    Finally, a Sprint iPhone, I've been waiting so long. Patience payed of!
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  14. thebrain2u's Avatar
    Sounds great. A chance to win the new iPhone is always an awesome thing.
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  15. iamlynda's Avatar
    Thank you Mr. Jobs - you opened my eyes to a whole new world. I hated anything Apple until I was convinced to purchase an iPhone 3GS. I still can't believe I almost returned it after just a couple days! But the salesman convinced me to "just hang onto it for a few more days" and so now I'm a fan - and a believer. I hope you left behind your 100-year plan so that generations to come can experince your brilliance and remember you as the visionary that you were.
    ~ Cheers,
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  16. jon01's Avatar
    I hope I win
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  17. taksdk's Avatar
    RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for all the wonderful toys
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  18. daihan123's Avatar
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win the 4s!
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  19. wilcoxgr's Avatar
    Winning; maybe if I'm lucky!
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  20. civichawk's Avatar
    I would like to win the iPhone 4s, I'm planning to switch from an HTC Thunderbolt to an iPhone 4s simply because I'm tired of fighting the fragmentations and the security loopholes that Android has left itself. I've been a long time iPad user since day one and have finally convinced myself that with iOS5 I could live with an iPhone!

    Also I would carry this phone proudly and protect it as the last iPhone that was announced before the sad news of Steve Jobs passing away. I shall cherish the phone and use it proudly!
    10-06-2011 01:06 PM
  21. Corey's Avatar
    Alright, I'm game. Let's see what happens.
    10-06-2011 01:07 PM
  22. s.daniel32428's Avatar
    iphone 4s mo fo's!!!
    10-06-2011 01:07 PM
  23. Axdrake's Avatar
    This is totally why TiPB Nation rocks! You're always there to keep us informed and up to date with news and fun give aways. Thanks guys!
    10-06-2011 01:07 PM
  24. wengever's Avatar
    ive been a FAN of TiPb ever since...i always get first hand news about whats going on and i shared them to my friends. i watch ur podcast and im a follower on twitter. i think my iPhone 3G needs to retire and would be happy to have the new iPhone 4S! thanks TiPb!
    10-06-2011 01:07 PM
  25. mpacker99's Avatar
    Iphone 4S looks awesome....regardless of what the apple haters say! siri looks too cool!
    10-06-2011 01:07 PM
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