1. Mreyes2014's Avatar
    Ready for iPhone 4S and iOS 5...!!!!
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    10-06-2011 07:58 PM
  2. gland's Avatar
    Already ordered the 4 for my wife and now will be waking up tonight at 12 am to order my 4S can't wait to drop this Storm 2.
    10-06-2011 08:01 PM
  3. soleimas11's Avatar
    The most innovative phone since the lightbulb !

    Rip Steve Jobs
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    10-06-2011 08:06 PM
  4. furygoalbrtis39's Avatar
    Could really use Siri
    RIP Steve Jobs, 1955-2011
    10-06-2011 08:06 PM
  5. jesse500's Avatar
    I would love an Iphone 4S! Being a Poor Grade 12 student working at tim Hortons trying to save cash for my first year of college, Worked hard for my Ipad 2, and new White Ipod Touch (Ordered on the 4th!). I can't afford the 4S, But I REALLY want it. I have had just about everything apple, so this would make a nice addition! (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Generation Ipod touches, just ordered the new White one, Ipad 2, Imac, Macbook, Iphone 3G, 4 Ipod Nano's, 2 Ipod Shuffles, 2 Ipod Classic's, 1 Ipod Mini) Sold most of it to pay for a car to get to and from work Sadly

    Please Pick me to get the Iphone 4GS Been reading Tipd for a long time, and a member of CrackBerry (Currently have a BlackBerry Bold 9900), Should have posted sooner!

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    10-06-2011 08:09 PM
  6. Mauv3's Avatar
    I would love a new iPhone 4s
    10-06-2011 08:17 PM
  7. justin_aga's Avatar
    really excited about the 4s. I feel it comes with great improvements and features. I can see myself using Siri daily
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    10-06-2011 08:18 PM
  8. efinch's Avatar
    Tipb is the greatest. I would love to get my hands on the 4S!!!
    10-06-2011 08:21 PM
  9. corolla90's Avatar
    Here's hoping to winning a free iPhone 4S!

    Go TIGERS!!!
    10-06-2011 08:22 PM
  10. mast411's Avatar
    I'm new, and a win here would be an awesome welcome to TiPB for me.

    Irip Steve. You're the best thing to happen.
    10-06-2011 08:24 PM
  11. pinny's Avatar
    enter me please

    10-06-2011 08:25 PM
  12. justin_aga's Avatar
    cant wait to see the picture and video quality
    10-06-2011 08:26 PM
  13. geekboy2005's Avatar
    love to win the 4s i love my 4 and made the switch from the incredible
    10-06-2011 08:27 PM
  14. allyp's Avatar
    To think, most of us learned about Steve Job's death on a device he helped create. An innovative man with an extraordinary mind. He was the Walt Disney of technology. Both brilliant men, both had much to give, both lives lost too soon. Thank you Steve for moving us forward, and you have certainly have left your mark on this world.

    On the other note, super excited for the new iPhone4S! Can't wait to see what Siri is capable of. I'm a new listener to iPhone Live and you guys really help my commute to school talking mac nerdy. Makes me feel like a "normal".
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    10-06-2011 08:28 PM
  15. rion_j's Avatar
    loving the new iphone 4s! yes, please enter me!!
    10-06-2011 08:31 PM
  16. scientist88's Avatar
    Recently joined the TiPb Forum (I have some stuff on Photography), and its a great community! Will you guys only post the winners on the iPhone Live show or will you also post it as an article (I might not be able to make it!)?
    10-06-2011 08:33 PM
  17. Thinmints28's Avatar
    I have the first generation iPod nano and the iPad 2. I love both Apple devices, and would be nowhere without them today. My sincere thanks to Steve Jobs' vision, as well as willingness to share his genius with the world. It's so sad that he is gone. The iPhone 4S, hopefully, will be a success this upcoming year. :o
    10-06-2011 08:33 PM
  18. mlevi98's Avatar
    Hook me up
    iPhone 4 S(print)
    10-06-2011 08:38 PM
  19. aaron130's Avatar
    RIP Steve Jobs. Would LOVE to win this iphone! Have an ipad but have always wanted an iphone!

    Sent from my Epic 4G Touch
    10-06-2011 08:41 PM
  20. Djn4ever's Avatar
    As I reflect on all the news concerning the passing of Steve, I humbly say that "tomorrow is not promised to us". I hope I can influence just one individual the way Steve has influenced me. He reminded me that during hard times shake the dust from your feet and do what you love passionately. We have have seen the Sunrise of Apple and it will be a while before we see the Sunset. So as the old folks down south would say "keep on keeping on".......
    10-06-2011 08:41 PM
  21. mortys11's Avatar
    Ok, cross my fingers I hope I win!
    10-06-2011 08:44 PM
  22. p2kart's Avatar
    Winner == Me!
    10-06-2011 08:45 PM
  23. bibeaud's Avatar
    Another great product. I think I will go with black 64 gb or 32 gb.
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    10-06-2011 08:46 PM
  24. Exergy's Avatar
    Winning that gift certificate would make the purchase of my new iPhone 4s so much easier
    10-06-2011 08:47 PM
  25. Suefnp's Avatar
    This is a great way to honor Steve, by sharing one of his inventions with the TIPB community. I have an iPhone 4, but would still love the new 4s. It is just like the pretty 4, but with lots of extra juiciness goodness inside.
    10-06-2011 08:48 PM
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