1. Stephman's Avatar
    I want one because it looks like a nice, easy integration with any bluetooth phone/device.
    And it doesn't look too bulky.
    10-04-2011 11:28 AM
  2. jdisme1#AC's Avatar
    I have no money (poor starving college student) and need some way to play music in my room while I study. Have been looking at the JAMBOX but can't afford it (all my paychecks go to rent and food). PLEASE help me out!
    10-04-2011 11:28 AM
  3. jaBBu's Avatar
    Using a set of cheap speakers and computer desktop to play sounds now (what a waste of good music). Having a Jawbone JAMBOX would up the quality nicely (and may just get this joint rocking). Good luck to everyone!
    10-04-2011 11:28 AM
  4. scooter#IM's Avatar
    I need one of these in my home office to give me yet another way to avoid doing work. Seriously, I need TUNES in there!
    10-04-2011 11:29 AM
  5. bas.o#AC's Avatar
    I have one already, and its rocks my socks! Wouldn't it be great to have two hooked up for ultimate sound, give me this one and ill let u know how it sounds!!!
    10-04-2011 11:29 AM
  6. Hollywood1962#CB's Avatar
    I'll be the envy of my office..... and I need to drown out my buddies android powered music machine!
    10-04-2011 11:31 AM
  7. dpolletta's Avatar
    I use my iPad for playing music at our exhibit during trade shows. This would make for an easier setup.
    10-04-2011 11:31 AM
  8. pnut78's Avatar
    I would love the Jambox since we don't have a stereo system in our house, but we all have iPhone/iPods!!! We also go to the beach and pools and would love to have portable entertainment! Especially for the young ones!
    10-04-2011 11:31 AM
  9. ongre10's Avatar
    Bluetooth is a great technology. I would love a JAMBOX to answer phone calls and listen to music from my phone and iPad.
    10-04-2011 11:31 AM
  10. ckillam3's Avatar
    All you all are missing the greatest benefit of this product. It has a built-in microphone. I plan on using it as my speakerphone when making calls. Just think, no more headset
    10-04-2011 11:31 AM
  11. m13's Avatar
    My iPhone is only good in the car as I have no Bluetooth in the house or office. JamBox is wonderful but my wife would never let me buy one unless the price comes down a bit. I guess you pay for what you get. Thanks for giveaway! I have been checking you live podcast as well. Great job.
    10-04-2011 11:32 AM
  12. jleyanna's Avatar
    I hopefully am getting a new job here at the hospital I work at and will need a new speakers for my first office! My Dell speakers I plug into my headphone jack just won't cut it.
    10-04-2011 11:33 AM
  13. CaseyYost's Avatar
    Why would I like a jambox? I work Full-time E.M.S in the city of Flint, Mi. Our ambulances have radios, kind of. Budget cuts affect everything. A radio isn't a priority. But I can say it is hard to spend 24 hours on a shift in a truck with no music. A jambox would be the perfect way for me to be able to play some music without headphones so both my partner and I can listen.
    10-04-2011 11:36 AM
  14. kenkenken's Avatar
    I need a solution. I have a Jawbone Icon but my beard is too big for it to work well. No headsets work with this massive beard. Jambox is the perfect solution.
    10-04-2011 11:36 AM
  15. Machine gunport's Avatar
    The Jambox would be perfect for my office!
    10-04-2011 11:38 AM
  16. semweblongshot's Avatar
    As a father of 4, a Jambox would be awesome to enable us to take music with us everywhere we go!
    10-04-2011 11:41 AM
  17. Bacco's Avatar
    wireless connectivity, its size and the sound it produces are all the reasons in the world
    10-04-2011 11:42 AM
  18. 01pappy's Avatar
    This is a piece of equipment that I can use on my patio when I have parties. Sounds GREAT!
    10-04-2011 11:46 AM
  19. jer4715's Avatar
    To drown out the sounds of my cries if they don't release a redesigned iPhone 5!!!
    10-04-2011 11:46 AM
  20. GenerousToAFault's Avatar
    I heard the Jambox at a friend's house and it sounded as if the Philadelphia Orchestra was playing Rachmaninoff live in an acoustically perfect hall. All this from a bluetooth speaker? Must...have...now!
    10-04-2011 11:46 AM
  21. ChaosShadow's Avatar
    This would be a perfect addition to my bathroom! Jammin to some tunes while in the shower!
    10-04-2011 11:47 AM
  22. flip_8's Avatar
    I have seen these at the ATT store and they look and sound pretty sweet IMO. Would love to add it to my home/office.
    10-04-2011 11:47 AM
  23. julihn's Avatar
    I need it because you told me I need it. Now I can't live without it!
    10-04-2011 11:49 AM
  24. kekinsey10's Avatar
    I would love a JAMBOX so I could listen to music while I apply for jobs all day.
    10-04-2011 11:49 AM
  25. alanjlane's Avatar
    A new Jawbone JAMBOX would be great for my new iPhone!
    10-04-2011 11:50 AM
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