1. Qfanvnaa's Avatar
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to clean the white bumper? I don't want to use bleach or anything because I think it may harm it.
    08-17-2011 03:30 AM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    Try a mr clean magic eraser those things are great never tried it on a bumper but just a idea
    08-17-2011 05:07 AM
  3. Eileen89's Avatar
    +1 for Magic Eraser. It works and won't harm the bumper in any way. http://www.mrclean.com/en_US/magic-eraser.do

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    08-17-2011 09:16 AM
  4. Fausty82's Avatar
    My wife uses the Magic Eraser on everything... I can't imagine that it would not work... it's like, uh (wait for it) magic!
    08-17-2011 10:55 AM
  5. Garz's Avatar
    I have used Magic Eraser on my bumpers. It helps make it look better but didnt make it look new all over again
    08-17-2011 01:20 PM
  6. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    Sorry for hijacking but it is a question relating to bumpers! Does anyone notice a buzzing or vibration through their speakers (while on the phone) with the bumper? I've noticed it with both white and black, although I assume color has nothing to do with it.

    As for cleaning, I used a dab of white toothpaste on my finger and just went around the rubber part. Looks pretty good!!
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    08-18-2011 11:23 AM
  7. iKustomize's Avatar
    Mr. Clean is a good idea, I just use soapy water and a towel seems to work pretty good but once it's DIRTY- it's too late...
    08-29-2011 07:40 PM
  8. Apple Developer's Avatar
    Magic Eraser is the best 4 me.
    09-11-2011 11:22 AM