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    e13ctron aluminum case looks attractive, I like the style of the e13ctron but cant afford it, $80 bucks is huge at the very moment, so I decided to look for it at some China based online store, you know they are always more cheaper than ebay. According to the pictures from their website, it really looks awesome, but I am worry since nowadays you cant believe the images until you get the items in hands and see it with your own eyeballs, especially for a knockoff ones.

    After I got it, Id like to say it really doesnt let me down. Just like the original ones it comes with top and bottom cases, hex screws and plastic insert. I installed it following the tutorial, really doesnt encounter any trouble.

    Most of the time I got 5 signal bars, sometimes 3-4, and the GPRS works flawlessly, it can locate my location with no problem. So for $23 bucks I came out winning and im extremely satisfied with this purchase. Anyone willing to try one out should, but again i live in NYC and always get great signal. I got mine from slickgate.com

    Here are some pictures:

    07-09-2011 04:24 AM