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    I will be reviewing the Standeazy Phone Stand. Although these stands seem catered towards iPhones, they are advertised to work with any other smartphone. These stands are also meant to be portable since they can fold flat to the size of a credit card and can be stored in a wallet. I will be using an iPhone 4 for reviewing these samples.

    Shown above from left to right are the “Circles”, “Happy Cat”, and “The Kiss” stands. The “Happy Cat” stand has a white backing, whereas the other two are semi transparent. Standeazy also carries a few other designs as well for those who like something that “stands out” (excuse the pun). The quality and detail in the stands are great and there seems to be no fading or rubbing off of the color after using them for almost three weeks.

    Upon first use the stands are very stiff. However, after bending them a few times they seem to become a bit more pliable. After doing so I noticed that some fatigue marks begin to develop on the stands where they are bent (this can be seen on “The Kiss” stand above). This initially worried me, but after about 15 days of taking them in and out of my wallet frequently for use, the fatigue marks do not seem to increase more than they did from the initial couple bends.

    One of the things I enjoy most about these stands is that they are adjustable. This means the angle can be adjusted so the phone can be used in portrait or landscape. There are five grooves in order to position the phone at five different angles.

    Not all grooves work for the phone in all configurations though. They all work for positioning the phone in landscape, but only the lower three grooves will support the phone in portrait. After that the phone begins to become top heavy and will fall over. This is somewhat noted in the instructions that come with the stands. I find this works out well since I am comfortable with the angles provided when the phone is in portrait.

    Many iPhone users have cases for there phones. Although I cannot guarantee it will work with all cases, it seems like the Standeazy Stand should accommodate any case out there. There is no lack of space for the phone to rest, and the stand seems to easily support the additional weight of a few of the cases I have tried.

    Overall, I find these stands to be an nice choice for someone wanting a portable stand that they can carry in a wallet. They are relatively cheap and do the job well. Prices vary from £3.50 - £4.99 GBP (~$5.80 - $8.30 US Dollars) with an additional £1.00 GBP ($1.61) for shipping. Shipping did not seem to increase when buying multiples for those of you who may want a few of them. For more information on the Standeazy Stands you can go to www.standeazy.com.
    06-30-2011 05:07 PM

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