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    Looking for the cheapest, reliable + reputable seller for a iPhone conversion kit. any color besides black.

    I cracked my screen, and the replacement LCD is $80.. so why not spend a couple of extra bucks and just convert it to white!

    any sites you guys recommend that sell it for a good price? if it's good quality i'd be interested in purchasing more than one kit.

    someone on the forums recommended Yoyobase on this forum for iphone conversion kits.
    The white one just costs $47.98
    is there anything cheaper? thanks.

    iPhone conversion kit, iphone 4 conversion kit, iphone 4s conversion kit
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    06-26-2011 11:09 PM
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    Well,i am sorry to here your bad news,you can google it,and then you can find many iphone cases, compared all of them,choose the best one for your own dead...........
    06-27-2011 03:00 AM
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    you can try SQGEAR.com i know they take special orders on anything iPhone.
    06-27-2011 10:29 AM
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    Go to sw-box they have color kits for $90.00 they include back front lcd and digitizer with button.
    08-27-2011 07:18 PM
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    I am a Newbie here but not new to customizing iPhones- I've been doing it for years... Please check out my site at iKustomize (dot) com for some of the most outrageously gorgeous face-backplate kits available. I only use OEM Retina displays with OEM Digitizers along with honestly the highest quality glass available (and yes you will instantly notice the difference as soon as you get your hands on it)!!
    You mentioned cheap and then you mentioned quality. Remember you get what you pay for and usually cheap does NOT = Good. My prices are not the cheapest but my quality is Amazing! Please check us out- you will NOT be disappointed, I promise.
    I am also on eBay under iKustomize-kustomiphones. Prices are higher due to eBay and PayPal fees but I sell all the same on my website.
    Thanks for looking and Enjoy!
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