1. prophecyc2's Avatar
    After getting the white ip4 I've been struggling dealing with the black cases I've had from my previous phone and them not feeling right. I've been looking around at the perforated slider case by incase and the white juice pack air. Can't really decide between the two even though I know the juice pack will obviously give needed power.

    Basically I was looking for help and any other recommendations. I'm worried because I feel a white case may get dirty depending on the styling and material used.
    06-15-2011 10:31 PM
  2. hailcesar75's Avatar
    i just got the switcheasy capsule rebel M. Its a sweet case
    06-16-2011 07:12 PM
  3. hailcesar75's Avatar
    i need to build up my posts so i can post a pic
    06-16-2011 07:13 PM
  4. hailcesar75's Avatar
    06-16-2011 07:55 PM
  5. Ham Solo's Avatar
    I'm a big fan of Switcheasy products. I'm currently rocking the TRIM in white on my white iPhone 4.
    06-16-2011 08:22 PM
  6. cobra302's Avatar
    I just got my white iPhone 4 on Wednesday. I now use a white speck candyshell and couldn't be happier! Fits the phone just perfect without adding bulk. And the color of the case matches the phone really nicely!

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    06-19-2011 09:46 PM
  7. kella12's Avatar
    i also Switcheasy products,they are pecfect!
    06-21-2011 10:49 AM
  8. xvenom's Avatar
    I'm using the Speck Candyshell MoonSuit White case and absolutely love it. I have a Verizon iPhone 4, but don't like how large they cut the camera opening, so I bought the one for the original AT&T iPhone 4 and used a knife to carve the plastic below the silent switch down about 2mm then smoothed the rough edges with my sister's cheap electronic manicure nail file (hehe). It worked out very nicely and I couldn't be happier.

    If you want to see the differences...
    Verizon case:
    AT&T case:
    06-25-2011 11:22 PM
  9. iV1SHAL's Avatar
    Love Switcheasy... definitely recommend this case.
    06-26-2011 09:16 AM
  10. avery's Avatar
    The switcheasy one is really cool! I have also seen some perforated ones that look good but can't find a pic.
    06-29-2011 12:02 PM
  11. Jon Seals's Avatar
    Definetly buying one of those switcheasy cases, but there's also the otterbox reflex
    06-30-2011 07:25 PM
  12. Icyhot1966's Avatar
    I use the SGP Linear Crystal series, with the clear back and white edges on my white iPhone. It looks great. Larry Greenberg did a review here on TiPb and that is why I bought it.
    07-01-2011 10:58 AM
  13. Ham Solo's Avatar
    I use the SGP Linear Crystal series, with the clear back and white edges on my white iPhone. It looks great. Larry Greenberg did a review here on TiPb and that is why I bought it.
    I recently purchased that one from Amazon and it arrived with scratches on the "clear" back plate. It had a terrible rainbow effect, too. Once installed, it was a loose fit, so I decided to send it back for a refund rather than a replacement. I've heard great things about the SGP Linear series, but I was disappointed in what I received. It may have just been a quality control issue in my specific case.

    I did just purchase an Incase Pro Slider in white from Best Buy. It's not even on Incase's website yet. I'll probably put it on later today and then post my opinion here afterwards.
    07-01-2011 12:46 PM
  14. Ham Solo's Avatar
    Well, I wasn't really impressed with the Incase Pro Slider. It looked better in the package than on the phone IMHO. It also had somewhat of a loose fit and "creaked". I'll be returning it today and I'll keep on rocking the Switcheasy TRIM.
    07-02-2011 11:01 AM
  15. iV1SHAL's Avatar
    Love incase also but I just bought a cheap white iPhone hard case off eBay for $1.89. Looks like stock case but white gloss backing. Very sleek.
    07-03-2011 10:21 AM
  16. SnapThrow's Avatar
    The Case-Mate Barely There gloss white looks great on my GFs white iP4
    07-04-2011 08:10 PM
  17. colcasac's Avatar
    I also bought pouches and sleeves for my iphone which I got from colcasac.com/. I love their products. It's another way to protect your iphone.
    07-15-2011 09:28 PM
  18. CG68's Avatar
    When I first got my white IPhone 4 I bought the Incipio double cover 2 piece(white silicon case & grey hard case). It added minimal bulk and decent protection. I ended up returning it and getting the Otterbox Commuter case (black). The contrasting colors of black and white makes my phone look almost like an ice-cream sandwich!
    07-16-2011 12:54 AM