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    Hey all, I purchased a Griffin Reveal case for my iphone 4 when i first got my phone... I loved it... it was exactly what I needed, however, when I plug it to the wall charger, there is touch screen operation interference. I had not noticed that until one day I was doing something and my battery was low so I had to plug it in... I tried different cables and no avail... problem solved after I took the case off. There doesn't seem to be any interference either when I charge the phone via usb cable on computer... and those are the same cables I use with the wall charger.

    I then bought a pdo case that shows some interference but not as bad as the Reveal case... as long as I keep my hand on the top part of the phone (kind of like trying to avoid the death grip for signals... except this time its for touch screen operation).

    So now I am beginning to wonder if anyone else has encountered a situation like this... or maybe I need to send my phone in for a check. Thanks for any comments.
    06-09-2011 05:34 PM
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    That's interesting. Seems like it could be something with your iPhone. Cause I have the same case and I don't experience problems like that. Get it checked out by apple and see what's wrong.
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    06-12-2011 08:59 PM