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    Mophie workbook for ipad 2 is out!!!!!

    This is really terrific news for fans and now future fans of The Mophie Workbook for Ipad, the new version has just hit the website and it looks great!

    I am sure this will come in as being one of the top folios for the Ipad 2. These guys make quality products and always back them up 100%. I have been buying their stuff for years and have never ever been sorry. From the battery paks for the Iphone & Itouch, then the battery and Workbook for Ipad always exceptional design and manufacture and great attention to detail.

    I have one being sent to me overnight, so with the holiday, I'll probably get it early next week, can't wait.

    The original Mophie Workbook was hands down the best Ipad folio case around. I used it every day every where I went!

    I even had retro fitted my Workbook case to accommodate my Ipad 2 till this new one came out, it actually fit rather well with the Belkin snap shield but was waiting for this because I knew they had something extra special up their sleeves, and they did!

    It more than protected the device, was super easy to get in and out, was constructed and designed with beauty, eloquence, and above all Mophie always stayed focused on the utilitarian aspects of using ones Ipad.

    There was no such thing as limited horizontal viewing angles like many other folios that gave the user three notches on the front cover, and some even had just two notches, how retarded, with The Workbook you could view at any angle because there were no notches, they used a unique system of a felt type fabric and velcro, genius.

    So today I got word it was out And lo and behold we have it!

    Another great idea brought to us by the folks at Mophie!

    Interchangeable bands, colors to choose from, one for almost every day of the week. We know not everyone will go for this idea of this changing bands thing, but there are so many that will. I kind of like the idea of switching things around every so often, mixing it up, its fun!

    I never understood the idea of a band until I reluctantly tried the first Mophie workbook, yes reluctantly! I was fine with the cases I was using, and my friend kept insisting I try it, well I am so glad she did, cause I never looked back.

    Its looks exceptionally sleek and slim to hold your ipad, but I will have to give you more details on that when I receive it.

    Features on the new one are listed below, and obviously Mophie would not have come out with a case that did not have the Sleep/wake function built in so don't worry about that. I can't believe there are still case manufacturers out there that leave this critical feature out. Especially for those who are not fans of the Apple Smart Cover, which there are many.

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    Superior Protection for the iPad
    The workbook 2 is a light-weight, form-fitting iPad case offering complete protection from front to back.

    Sleek folio design offers thin profile and easy carrying.

    4 Durable/Interchangeable straps ensure the folio stays closed and secure during commute.

    Magnetic Integration
    The magnetic integration automatically wakes your iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed.

    Choice of Color

    The workbook 2 comes in five colors that each include 4 interchangeable straps. This allows you to choose the case that matches your style:
    Black with 4 color strap options

    Brown with 4 color strap options

    White with 4 color strap options

    Purple with 4 color strap options

    Gray with 4 color strap options

    Enhanced Functionality
    The workbook is adjustable and secure at any viewing angle for watching, typing or browsing.

    Provides an infinite number of viewing angles for comfortable typing or screen viewing, improving the overall functionality of the iPad.

    Pass-through Design
    The workbook 2 ensures full access to all your ports, controls and cameras. Simultaneously charge and sync your iPad without having to removing it.

    Animal-friendly Exterior
    Faux leather exterior is easy to clean but durable to the elements and the plush interior ensures
    your iPad has unmatched protection.

    Can't wait to get it, and as soon as I do I will post a review and pictures. If you can't wait, get on over to the Mophies web site and orders yours now!

    Go to:


    They are also having a Memorial Sale, Great prices on those accessories, power paks for iphone, ipad, and itouch, you might have been holding out on.
    05-27-2011 02:26 PM
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    Forget the Smart Cover!
    05-27-2011 06:30 PM
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    Looks nice!
    07-20-2011 07:44 PM

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