1. Sketso's Avatar
    About to buy a case for my new i4, and really like the looks of the barely there chrome case, but was wondering if anyone has been using it on a daily basis, so they could answer a few questions:

    1) there are rumors of it interfering with the reception, is this true per your observation?

    2) for a daily use case, does it scratch or haze easily?

    3) are there any holsters or hip cases that work well with the phone in this case?

    Simple questions, yes, but the info will help greatly! Thanks!
    05-27-2011 09:57 AM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    i bought one of these around christmas last year, at the TiPb store!, and they do look very nice..

    in answer to your questions; i had no interference with reception.. yes it does scratch easily.. from what i have tested a holster was not a concern but i am sure it will vary upon the brand

    i only used it for work so i am sure the scratches have been not as bad as what they could have been

    maybe for preservation purposes only just use it as a case you only put on at certain times and not use a daily driver
    05-27-2011 11:56 AM