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    +Simplism microfiber sleeve for iPhone 4 review

    -Bought it at amazon.com for $19.99. Comes in a variety of colors, I got the dark gray one.

    Why I picked this
    -After getting the white iPhone, well it didn't make sense to cover it up with a case. I bought a bumper initially, but with reports of it tearing up the metal band (had it for a week), I went with a sleeve because 1) in the sleeve, it offers protection 2) I can still use the phone naked

    Initial impression
    -It's a well made product. The trick to this one is the wooden tab on the back- pull on that and the phone slides out.

    It's a snug fit, so much so that initially I worried about dirt getting in there and scratching the screen. And you really needed the tab to get the phone out.

    One issue is that the bottom of the iPhone where the speaker is can't go into the sleeve first, otherwise it would seriously mute the ringer.

    In theory, the microfiber sleeve should produce a box-fresh, smudge free iPhone when you take it out... not really.

    Unless you are wearing really tight fitting jeans, the phone+sleeve can fit into a pocket. But that's all you're going to fit in that pocket.

    Long-term impressions
    -It's been almost a month living with the sleeve.

    -it is a pain to use in the car- you have to take the sleeve out before you can make a call. So I take it out of the sleeve in the car

    -the padded sleeve does add protection

    -most worrying thing about it- the other day, I grabbed the sleeve and the phone slipped out. That snug fit loosened up in less than a month. As a result, you should always have the opening facing up, otherwise you could risk the phone slipping out of the sleeve. Concerned, I had the sleeve held parallel to my bed and see if a quick horizontal movement would cause the phone to slip out... yup- it slipped out a bit a few times and even totally fell out. Ideally there should be some flap or whatever to secure the phone.

    -for $19.99, not a bad deal for the quality... considering a bumper is $29!
    -watch out for the sleeve losing it's snug fit- phone can slip out. Really needs a flap on the top to secure the phone.
    -it will protect the phone but... you have to watch out where the opening to the sleeve is. That is the flaw of the sleeve.
    -also, you have to take the phone out every single time you want to use it.
    -I'll continue to use this... maybe will throw in an occasional day with the bumper- the white iPhone with the white bumper looks fantastic.
    05-26-2011 11:46 AM