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    Earbud foam covers!!

    Here is the backstory:
    So I've been on a quest to get some good quality headphones but can't seem to find ones that I really like. I tried:
    Sennheiser MX581 - Didn't think they sounded that great (more in a minute)
    Bose MIE2 - Sounded ok. VERY comfortable.
    Klipsch s4i - Sounded great not too comfortable.

    While trying on the Sennheiser buds I noticed that they were a little small for my ears so I put on the foam that came with them. The sound difference was like night and day. Much better sound (bass) with the foam covers. I then wondered if the Apple earbuds would change sound with the foam pads also. They do, dramatically. The foam pads on the stock buds give MUCH more bass than without. They have a totally different sound with them. They still don't sound as good as a good set of IEM but much better. If you are using the stock buds then it would be wirth it to pick up some foam covers. You can get a 4 pack at Radioshack for $5 or you can get a zillion pack from Amazon for $7. I will be using this for now but I might give IEM another try (Shure SE215 maybe with a custom earpiece).
    05-16-2011 06:58 PM