1. Charlielh's Avatar
    I have a new IP4 and I have an Otter protective case. I recently signed up for "GoPayment" and received the card scanner, but the plug in is too short with the case on. Does anyone know of an extension or another way to plug up the scanner without having to remove the cover every time.
    05-14-2011 01:21 PM
  2. alukado's Avatar
    The otterbox case is not support white iphone 4.
    05-19-2011 08:13 AM
  3. Neilpark's Avatar
    Iphone 4 white case,i buy it from eketshop.com.
    05-19-2011 12:15 PM
  4. takeshi's Avatar
    See if a dock extender would work. I'm not saying it will as I'm not familiar enough with the Otterbox for IP4.
    05-19-2011 06:25 PM
  5. Sketso's Avatar
    Here's a dock extender I found (also found it on Amazon) that seems to get good reviews. Gonna order one this weekend.

    dockXtender: Dock Extender Cable for iPad, iPhone and iPod
    06-03-2011 12:25 PM