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    After doing some online research and looking, I finally decided to take the leap and get the case mate Jett. It's $50 with free shipping in the US.

    What made me really jump on it was a 20% off coupon which brought it to $40.

    If your looking for a case mate case 20% off use coupon code moms11 at checkout.

    I'm pretty sure this coupon code is only good for today.

    The best selection of cases, holsters, screen protectors and accessories for Verizon iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS, BlackBerry, HTC Phones, Google Phones and iPad at Case-Mate
    05-08-2011 01:24 PM
  2. anon(39328)'s Avatar
    A friend of mine bought one of these last week, and he really seems to like it. I also considered getting one of these, but I decided to go with the E13ctron S4 instead (still waiting for it). One thing for you to be aware of, in case you ordered the gray Jett. This is the one my friend ordered. It does not look like the pictures on Case-Mate's website. It is much darker, with a slight greenish tint to it. Still looks nice, but not what I was expecting it to look like.
    05-08-2011 09:31 PM
  3. jeff1974w's Avatar
    Well I got my case-mate Jett case today.

    Install was easy and it looks sweet, but there are 2 problems that make this case unusable to me.

    1. The top of the case is so tight to the power button that any slight touch to the top of the case causes the phone to turn off and on without even touching the power button. If this wasn't a issue it would be a great case.

    2. On the case-mate site it clearly states "Aftermarket charging cables and accessories may not be compatible with this Case". The 30pin cable that came with my verizon iPhone won't work (along with the other 3 oem cables) and it will not work with the apple universal dock. So none of my oem apple docks and cables will work.

    I really like this case and wished it would have worked
    05-11-2011 01:57 PM
  4. itsalexaye's Avatar
    i think the case matt is awesome Lol
    05-12-2011 08:02 AM

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