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  1. CavemanOOGA's Avatar
    Anyone have it? Cause this thing looks bad@$$.

    ion-factory CarbonCover for iPad 2
    04-25-2011 02:09 AM
  2. mike817's Avatar
    Looks nice, but overpriced. Any coupons to lower it a bit?
    04-26-2011 10:54 AM
  3. ssantjer's Avatar
    I received mine (white/silver) two days ago direct from Hong Kong. The build quality is very nice, with a slightly spongy leather-like covering over the rear plastic shell and a bit of padding embedded within the front cover. All ports line up nicely. The CarbonCover case snaps around the iPad's corners to retain it in the case. The iPad can be removed without any trouble. It does not provide robust protection, like an Otterbox, nor is it meant to. I will protect from everyday scratches. I would expect the iPad to pop out of this case if dropped on a hard floor.

    While I like the case overall, there are two issues that need addressing before I can recommend this case:

    1. The metal strip embedded in the right edge of the front cover is about 4 inches long. This is to activate the iPad screen sleep function when the cover is closed. However, this strip also activates sleep from the bottom when it is wrapped flat against the back. Those of us with Apple's SmartCover know one can wrap the Apple product completely around and flat against the back without any screen sleep issues. I consider this the default open position when using the iPad on one's lap, for instance. So, this may be a showstopper for many.

    2. A picture on the Ion-Factory website (White CarbonCover in view mode) shows the CarbonCover front cover "rolled" into the triangle supporting the iPad in landscape view mode (mimicking the Apple SmartCover's functionality). Mine simply will not stay in this position and support the weight of the iPad. In other words, the rolled stand collapses flat. Though the metal strip lines up with the area of the iPad where the Apple Smartcover attaches, and presumably would attract to the embedded SmartCover magnets in the left side of the iPad to retain the rolled position, there is no such attraction, and friction is not enough to support the iPad. It is not because the cover is new and stiff, as it rolls easily. Just a design flaw. The website picture is misleading, in my case.

    If Ion Factory addresses these two issues, the case gets my recommendation.

    Steve in Spokane
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    04-27-2011 08:40 AM
  4. ssantjer's Avatar
    UPDATE: I have tried twice since Monday 25 April to contact Ion Factory to voice my concern about the issues in my above post. The only apparent way to contact them is through their website contact form. I tried once to the customer service department, and once to technical support. Neither inquiry was answered. Note: For their "Unconditional 7 day guarantee", one has to make a claim within 7 days. Too bad they cannot hold up their end of the bargain. Another factor to consider when purchasing an accessory from Ion Factory.

    Steve in Spokane
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    04-30-2011 10:18 AM
  5. CavemanOOGA's Avatar
    Thanks for the posts ssantjer, I may have to skip cause of the alleged flaws. It's a damn shame cause it looked like an amazing case for sure.
    05-02-2011 10:36 AM
  6. rymurata's Avatar
    Have black Carbon cover, received within 5 working days after placing order.
    Fit, finish and appearance are perfect, ( also have Zaggmate shield installed on back).

    I have NOT had any issues with the IPad going into sleep mode when cover is folded over back.

    Also, in typing and upright positions, IPAD and cover are sturdy and no way is it going to fall over.

    Pricey............. How much did you spend on your IPAD alone? Quality does not come cheap. I also have a smart cover, a Targas folio and a ZAGGMATE keyboard cover. All are great but leave a little something out. The ION Carbon cover has left nothing out, plus no one else has one.
    05-09-2011 03:47 PM
  7. brooka87's Avatar
    I received the Black ION Carbon cover Case about a week ago and have already sent it back to ION.....

    The case was near PERFECT in every way....
    I had no problem with the magnets. Quality was amazing and I loved the look of it.

    The deal breaker is the folding stand. IT DOES NOT SUPPORT THE IPAD 2 standing in portrait mode.
    About 8 times out of 10 it will collapse on it's self. You may get it right some times but it's annoying when you don't. The case just pushes the triangle back on it's self and falls backwards. Also when you do get the case to finally support the ipad 2, the angle is way to far back for viewing movies. You constantly feel like you want to hold the ipad forward to get a better viewing angle rather then looking at this slanted view point.

    I contacted ION through their website two times but got no reply and then found an email for them on the website so I emailed them and finally got a response after two more emails.
    They said to send the case back to them so they can repair it and send it back to me.

    THIS IS NOT A REPAIR JOB....this is a design flaw. Anyway...the case is now in the mail being sent back for a full refund.

    I don't know what the guy in the above post is talking about, every little review on this case I;ve searched for has had the exact same problem as me.

    If ION fix the folding support issue and the angle of the ipad 2 when it's in portrait mode then this case would be THE BEST CASE I've seen so far for the ipad 2.

    Let's hope they realise the flaws in the design and correct them. I would buy the case again if they did.

    Hope this helps guys
    05-09-2011 07:19 PM
  8. Coders's Avatar
    I have this case in black and am overall very pleased with it. Its great quality, the sleep/wake function works very well and the protection it gives is pretty good for this style of case. The leather back looks great and the case looks very stylish.

    I have two issues though:

    1) the magnets on the inside of the cover show (there is a bulge where the magnets are located in the middle of the edge of the case). Its not a huge issue but aesthetically i think could do with being improved.

    2) it wont stand up all the time when viewing movies. I can get it to stand up but find it very unstable. One little push and the stand collapses at the back.

    I have contacted ION who responded very quickly. They made reference to a video clip on YouTube. Search for IONfactory iPad 2 case (sorry i cant send the link as i don't have enough posts yet)

    Even with this issue, its still a great case. I am waiting for a reply from ION on this issue and will let you know how i get on...
    05-17-2011 03:52 AM
  9. cynosureabu's Avatar
    If you are in US/Canada, you can get it with free shipping. That lowers the cost a lot.
    05-20-2011 03:33 PM
  10. ssantjer's Avatar
    UPDATE 2: A quick recap, I am experiencing iPad sleep issues with the Ion Factory Carbon Cover for iPad 2 folded flat against the back, as well as problems with the iPad collapsing flat in the landscape display mode. There is a review on You Tube that duplicates the collapsing issue, but I have yet to find anyone else complaining about the sleep issue.

    I sent several webform submissions requesting assistance on Ion Factory's website with no reply. So, I replied to the e-mail I originally received informing me the Carbon Cover had shipped. This got a response within 24 hours. This response reminded me that the cover is backed by a guarantee, and if I was having difficulties, to send it back (to Hong Kong) for resolution. I did, and I will post if the issues get resolved when the cover is returned.

    Steve in Spokane
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    05-22-2011 11:57 AM
  11. ssantjer's Avatar
    UPDATE 3: So, I received the replacement Carbon Cover yesterday. Ion Factory sent it via express mail from Hong Kong, which was a nice surprise.

    YES! The screen sleep and landscape view mode issues detailed above have been corrected. I also received an e-mail informing me that Ion Factory had received several reports of issues similar to mine in the initial production run, and had made revisions to correct them. To me, the replacement cover looked the same, including general placement of the sleep magnet, but it performs as expected and designed.

    So, to sum up, with these issues resolved, the cover can now be recommended, as it provides a very finely constructed cocoon for one's iPad to reside in. Nice fit, great finish, outstanding feel. Now, we have a winner!

    Steve in Spokane
    05-26-2011 08:12 AM
  12. cynosureabu's Avatar
    This review is from: CarbonCover for Apple ipad 2 (Black & Graphite) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I've had many covers for both my iPad and iPad 2 now (7 in total)... and this is probably my favorite. When I upgraded to the 2, I missed the original apple cover I had for my 1 and wanted something similar - but more upscale looking so I can take it into client meetings. This cover is great for that.

    It was a very tight fit getting the cover on. I spent probably 20 minutes working it into the case. I could easily get 3 corners, but struggled to get 4. Finally got it - and now it's locked in nicely. (Secret - close the cover when you are trying to snap in place - gives iPad a bit more protection while squeezing into the cover. Also, just barely hook it into the corner, lightly work each corner and go around it a couple times squeezing a little harder each time).

    The cover does as it's supposed to - turns on and off when I open/close the cover. I can fold it over (into triangle for angled work) and it seems to stay fine. And I can open it all the way and hold it like a book without issue (I admit, I was worried about this because none of the images show this).

    Finally, it looks impressive. Nice, clean look, high tech... I think it's impressive.

    Complaints (minor):
    - very hard to get installed on mine.
    - can't tell which end is used to open it - it looks the same in both directions. Have to look for the hinge or the power button to see which way to open it (mine has a tiny indentation at the top in the center which I have started to notice to make sure I open properly)

    - Unique look, I haven't seen anyone else with one like it
    - Feels well protected.
    - iPad2 will not come out of the case without purposely trying.
    - all buttons exposed nicely, easy access
    - cover power works as its supposed to
    - completely exposes the entire front face of the iPad2

    It sells on Amazon for 69.99 with 5$ shipping
    07-19-2011 08:04 PM
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    Looks very nice
    08-12-2011 06:47 AM