1. Georgia's Avatar

    Element Case's popular Joule stand for iPad has been spiced up and now comes in multiple Chroma colors, fitting both iPad and iPad 2. Still CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum, they now also boast new anodized colors with matching Ultrasuede lining. Like the original Joule, you can angle it in three positions courtesy of the magnetic stand.

    I'm not even going to lie -- it's as sweet looking as it is unabashedly premium. Grab one now for $149.99 then slide in your new iPad 2, sit back, and watch all the jealous stares come in.

    Give away: The always awesome folks at Element Case are once again giving the TiPb nation a chance to win a Joule Chroma of your very own. Just head on over to their website and check out the great color options, then come back here and leave a reply telling us what color you like best. We'll pick one of you at random and Element Case will send you a Joule Chroma!

    What are you waiting for, enter now!

    [Element Case]
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    03-29-2011 08:08 PM
  2. ediskrad73's Avatar
    that red one looks pretty sharp
    03-29-2011 08:15 PM
  3. Kingsley's Avatar
    I love the red stand as well. Really pops.
    03-29-2011 08:22 PM
  4. EnJaNir's Avatar
    Sleek Black!!
    03-29-2011 08:24 PM
  5. jfaneuf's Avatar
    I am fond of the blue one.
    03-29-2011 08:25 PM
  6. Tallon's Avatar
    Blue is the coolest...
    03-29-2011 08:25 PM
  7. riafekim's Avatar
    03-29-2011 08:26 PM
  8. jjlucsy's Avatar
    I'd go for the orange one!
    03-29-2011 08:27 PM
  9. screech297's Avatar
    I really like the black! Thanks.
    03-29-2011 08:29 PM
  10. robstunner's Avatar
    What better color for white, than orange! Kinda like a creamsicle!
    03-29-2011 08:29 PM
  11. kmiahali's Avatar
    I'd like a black one please!
    03-29-2011 08:37 PM
  12. dmollner's Avatar
    I have been eyeing the red one.
    03-29-2011 08:38 PM
  13. meangreengdub's Avatar
    White does a fella right! White on my black iPad will look sick! White please!
    03-29-2011 08:38 PM
  14. Rhuss2's Avatar
    With a white iPad 2 you have a creamsicle.
    03-29-2011 08:39 PM
  15. anon(536616)'s Avatar
    I'm all about the grey one.
    03-29-2011 08:39 PM
  16. acr4's Avatar
    I think it like the gray!
    03-29-2011 08:39 PM
  17. Canesdoc's Avatar
    The orange is sweet!
    03-29-2011 08:43 PM
  18. petaf's Avatar
    +1 Orange! Fabulous!
    03-29-2011 08:44 PM
  19. knitz's Avatar
    Definitely the orange - doesn't it make you just looking at it?

    Will be a perfect display stand for my rotating photography show...
    03-29-2011 08:47 PM
  20. heyload2's Avatar
    I definitely need the black one! I have a black iPad2 on the way and would be able to run in total stealth mode.
    03-29-2011 08:48 PM
  21. alihuta2002's Avatar
    black one will really match with my white iPad 2
    03-29-2011 08:50 PM
  22. jkamphof's Avatar
    Love the black, subtle and classy!!
    03-29-2011 08:52 PM
  23. Dyvim's Avatar
    Back in black.
    03-29-2011 08:52 PM
  24. MAGNUS's Avatar
    I waunt, nay, must have the silver one. Thank you in advance tipb and Element Case.
    03-29-2011 08:53 PM
  25. Orangebugpc's Avatar
    IT has to be ORANGE
    03-29-2011 08:54 PM
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