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    Ok, I've run through 5 cases for the iPhone 4 and have at least narrowed down what kind of case I'd like. First, here's what I've used so far and why they haven't worked:

    Speck Hard Candy: friggin huge, shiny/not grippy, scratches
    Incase Slider: so-so fit, creaky, flash ring messes with flash photos, kinda bulky
    Incase Snap: Love most of it, but flash ring screws up flash photos
    Couple of soft cases: hate these, loose fit, sticks in pocket
    IvyCase Quattro 4: Pretty good, but the whole "rainbow glass" drove me nuts, fit was not exactly perfect for that price range.

    Current Case: Elago S4 Glide: Almost perfect, great case, thin, great fit, keeps dirt out, nice feel. If I can't find what I'm looking for this is probably what I'll stay with

    What I want: Harder material with that "soft touch" finish so it isn't slippery, smoke/semi-transparent color, slight lip on the front so if the phone is set on its screen the case is what's holding the phone off the surface. Thin with reasonable protection but absolute minimal bulk. No logo cutout (I hate those things). Really, bulk is one of the biggest concerns. I don't care about screen protectors, I don't use them. The smoke/semi-transparent thing seems to be hard to find though.

    Any ideas? I appreciate the help.
    01-20-2011 09:01 AM