I live in Canada and ordered the premium leather skin with screen protector for my iPad on ZAGG.com on November 26th and just got the package yesterday (took a month to get in).
    Although it's undsatandable given, I only purchased standard shipping, and it was on a 50% off sale before christmas. I digress.

    Onto the product itself:
    When I got the shipment it came with clear installation instructions as always with ZAGG products, and I had watched installation videos before hand to make sure I installed everything properly.

    The leather skin back for my iPad applied EXTREMELY easily, quickly and smoothly, looking excellent on the iPad. Not to mention, the leather skin makes the iPad not only more slick looking, but it makes it much nicer to hold.
    The leather skin on the back adds nice grip and makes it easier and a little more comfortable to hold in one hand. Not much easier, it basically just keeps your fingers and palm from sliding along the back of the iPad, but that's the most you can expect from a skin.
    Overall, I really like the leather skin on the iPad, although it is a bit pricy at $50, it's not hard to get a 40-50% off discount code for it from ZAGG. I have about 8 in my email inbox just from participating in their contests.

    The invisishield for the front of the iPad was not as easy obviously, the invisishields never are. The instructions were clear, and it was easy to remove from the packaging in it's "apply to iPad" form. If you're familiar with ZAGG invisishields, you'd know a microtones cloth and ZAGG spray are necessary parts of the application process. It came with spray, but no cloth! (unlike the shield for my palm pre). This was a little challenging, since I had none handy in the house. Fortunately I did find a good solution. Anyways, applying it was relatively easy, given the large flat iPad screen with only one hole for the home button. The only challenge I experienced was getting all the dust bits and such, that would float in the air and settle underneath the screen or on the sticky side of the invisishield.
    That issue was a little annoying, but after a few reapplications I managed to get the screen protector on without any abnormalities.
    Using the screen protector on has been a little tiny bit disappointing. It's a highly effective screen protector, the best, I attacked the screen with my fingernails and saw no damage, it will also resist keys and other sharp objects but I don't suggest doing so, cause then the invisishield itself will be much less attractive looking. My only concern is that the screen protector makes sliding my fingers along the screen a little bit less smooth, I get a a bit of jumping going on. Normally works better if I apply a bit more pressure to the screen with my fingers. Nothing I can't get used to, for the protection that it offers.

    Overall, I LOVE the leather skin, and I'm satisfied with the invisishield front coverage. I will post pictures shortly.
    12-22-2010 08:22 PM
  2. MYNAMESALEX's Avatar

    As you can see, from the pictures, the screen protector has No issue with glare, it's all quite normal glare for the iPad, and the leather skin adds virtually no extra width whatsoever.
    12-22-2010 09:27 PM

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