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    Hi all, recent blackberry convert over here. Just got the Iphone 4 and I'm obsessed lol. First time posting here, considering I used to be a regular browser of the crackberry forums and had no reason to be here

    Anyways, my old dockstation/radio (a Sony Dreamstation I picked up over a year ago) is apparently incompatible with the new Iphone iOS. I'm stuck playing music by connecting audio cable (TRS) to the audio in on the Dreamstation and the headphone jack of the Iphone. This is inconvenient b/c I can't use the Dreamstation remote to change the music and the cable's not that long, so I'm technically in the market for a new dockstation/radio.

    The thing is, I have the otterbox defender on the phone, and it's annoying to have to peel off the silicone everytime to attach it to the docking station to play music, so I got to wondering if there were any wireless alternatives? (Something that could sync to the ipod without needing it docked).

    If that doesn't exist (which it probably doesn't, but it's nice to dream), then do you all know of any alternatives or have any recommendations? I've seen some dock extenders online but I was hoping to get some feedback on the forums before I make a purchase. Thanks for the help!
    11-26-2010 08:38 AM