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    Luckilly I had my wrapsol ultra on it and nothing happened.


    Long short, I was showing a guy I didn't know some photos on my phone @ a outdoor eatery in Santana Row San Jose Ca. He grabed my iPhone 4 out of my hand and I said if you break my phone I'm gonna kick your ***. Just when I got the last words out he flipped it over his head about 30 feet onto concrete in front of some people talking.

    My friend went to get it while I jumped up to attack the guy. Security got to me first. When my friend haded me my phone I looked at it and to my shock it was fine. NOT A SCRATCH. I didn't even have a bumper bon it.

    The wrapsol ultra is thick for a reason and I love it. I will always have an extra one on hand just in case.

    Even though I know it turned out well due to part luck....i know wrapsol ultra
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