1. SockRolid's Avatar
    You don't become the 4th largest consumer electronics category all by your little own self without spawning a thriving accessory market. There are hundreds if not thousands of good, bad, and ugly iPad accessories already. And iPad is still in its infancy.

    No, there's nothing like an awesome accessory for your category-defining iPad, and that's exactly what each of these items is. Nothing like an awesome accessory for your iPad.

    You might disagree with our picks, but hey, it's your world. We're just in it.

    10. iBone Dog Toy

    Feel sorry for Fido during your obsessive-compulsive Angry Birds marathons? Just throw him an iBone. No opposable thumbs needed.

    9. iMaxi

    Oh, we see what they did there. Still for sale, but didn't this joke get stale after about 3.5 seconds?

    8. Professional iPad Holder / Stand

    Professional? Really?

    7. iPad Handbag With Cheap Skull Pattern

    Cheap but not cheap enough.

    6. Etch A Sketch iPad Case

    Etch A Sketch? Isn't there an app for that?

    5. iArm

    The perfect gift for that special someone you want annoy. And it won't hurt too much when they throw it at your head. It's just an empty box.

    4. iBallz

    iPad can haz ballz?

    3. iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

    If you're looking for a shrunken-head version of your favorite arcade game, to use as a case for your iPad, this is it. Bonus feature: smudge-free gaming.

    2. C-3PO Bespin Backpack

    Not technically an "iPad accessory" but it's a perfect fit in oh so many ways. And you can re-assemble 3PO into a plush toy!

    1. Bacon Case

    Lady Gaga made quite a statement with her meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. We're not sure exactly what that statement was, but we're certain Etsy did the meat-couture thing first.

    And there you have it! Our top ten weird iPad accessories, none of which you will find in the TiPb store. Ever. We promise.

    Did we miss anything even weirder out there? What's your #1 weird iPad accessory?
    10-06-2010 03:32 PM
  2. CoffeeFaith's Avatar
    The Etch-A-Sketch, while useless in form factor, is definitely the smoothest of the bunch.
    10-18-2010 09:36 PM
  3. rhasta10's Avatar
    Number 3 put a smile on my face :P
    03-06-2011 04:09 AM
  4. hempsta's Avatar
    iBallz hahahah hilarious!
    03-22-2011 12:06 PM
  5. GleeMobile's Avatar
    I actually bought the iBallz for my iPad because they are cheap and I thought they would be fun to use. I actually have ended up using them quite a bit. Should I be embarrassed for falling for such a silly iPad accessory? LOL Oh well!
    04-20-2011 07:26 PM
  6. xultar's Avatar
    Errr iarm is a parody, it isn't real.
    04-20-2011 11:33 PM