1. abu layla's Avatar
    I'm not suppose to have a phone with me at work because of the camera, however without having my Iphone and the podcasts in there i would have gone postal long time ago. the other day my manager noticed the phone, I suggested that i get an iTouch case, thinking the 2 are the same size or at least pretty close. after looking in the stores i figured that wasn't the case.
    i tried looking online for a bit but i can't find a case for the 3g without the camera lens cutout in the back, do you guys know if any out there? or if there is a universal case maybe that would fit?
    09-02-2010 10:33 AM
  2. Pr3mier's Avatar
    I have not seen any cases without a camera cutout, but you can improvise. Check out the Scosche bandIT g4 case for the iPhone 4. It is basically three bumper style bands with one plastic removable back cover. The good thing about having a removable back cover is that you could now apply some type of film onto the clear plastic to cover up the camera hole. Maybe try looking for a black vinyl sticker or even a back skin for the ipod touch (which probably has no cutouts). Trim off the excess and there ya go. You might even want to position the plastic piece upside down after you apply the skin so that the cutout will be at the bottom. Only downside would be that you have to take off the case to use the camera.


    Zagg Skin

    Hope that helps =)
    09-03-2010 11:21 AM
  3. Massie's Avatar
    If they're okay with you just having a case, they should be okay with you simply promising to not take pictures. Or was this just a wink-wink kind of thing: "Cover the camera and I won't tell the boss you have it?"
    09-03-2010 02:42 PM
  4. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Personally, I'd get a cheap-o case with a cutout, one that is made from a plastic, then use some Fimo Air Drying (STAEDTLER FIMO modelling clays and accessories) to fill the hole.
    09-03-2010 03:19 PM
  5. abu layla's Avatar
    The manager is pretty cool guy and he knows how bad it is in there, and how much more tolerable having the iPhone makes the job... so yah he's just gonna look the other way but i have to make sure it's covered.
    So far i can't find anything so i'm gonna do like you guys suggested and just get creative with an existing case.
    thanks for the responses.
    09-03-2010 05:16 PM