1. jhetzel's Avatar
    Does anyone know if netflix or hulu+ for the iPhone can be used with the Dexim AV dock to watch movies and shows on TV? I am just wondering if my iPhone 4 can essentially become a mini streaming video STB.
    08-29-2010 02:44 AM
  2. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    I dont think netflix on iphone allows for video out!
    08-29-2010 01:46 PM
  3. jhetzel's Avatar
    I have been able to verify that on an iPhone 4 that the Netflix does not natively support TV out with the Dexim AV Dock, and I assume this would apply if I was using the Aplle AV Cables.

    All of that said, if you JB your iPhone you can use the app TVOutTuner for iOS4 you can output in SD to your TV. Not great quality, but pass-able in a pinch.

    So far I assume the only native (non-JB app) that works with Dexim or Apple AV cables is the built-in iPod app. Is this a correct assumption? Are there any other 3rd party apps that support TV Out at quality better than SD?

    I would like to see NetFlix support native TV output.
    09-01-2010 11:04 AM
  4. jhetzel's Avatar
    A little more testing with the JB TVTunerOut app is that it outputs video well with the iLive speaker bar:

    iLive cranks out iT188B iPod speaker bar - Engadget
    09-01-2010 07:44 PM