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    Hi, this is Johniphone
    I bought my iPhone 4 recently, which is the 16GB. Well I like it a lot, so I need something different for my iPhone, and which is a case.

    There are a lot of cases on Amazon to choose from, so I spent a lot of time searching for my ideal case. I finally found a brand called Acase, Ive never heard of the company, Im sure most of you have never heard of the brand, right? Anyway, the Acase has an orange case for iPhone4, and I like orange a lot, and the price is pretty reasonable(under 20 bucks), so I thought why not give it a try. If it sucks, at least it does not cost a lot.

    After I received it...

    Overall I think the case is great, and Ill post another topic after I use it for a few weeks to see if there is anything on the case that is deteriorated.
    08-19-2010 01:44 AM