1. Chris_c81's Avatar
    07-22-2010 01:27 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Looks beautiful in the photo. Have you tried it yet?
    07-22-2010 01:41 PM
  3. Chris_c81's Avatar
    No, but I am considering it! Its compatible with the Bumper too.
    07-22-2010 04:25 PM
  4. Chris_c81's Avatar
    I ordered one from eBay will let you know what it's like.
    07-22-2010 06:11 PM
  5. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Arrived this morning. Have to say, pretty impressed with both the leather rear part and the SGP Ultra Crystal screen protector. Will have a full review up on my blog later. Fits perfectly with Apple Bumper and also still able to put my SwitchEasy Nude case on. But for now, few images.

    07-24-2010 08:15 AM
  6. Alli's Avatar
    Looks nice. It's like a faux case - looks like a case, but is only a skin.
    07-24-2010 08:21 AM
  7. solius's Avatar
    very nice. Looks real executive.
    07-24-2010 12:40 PM
  8. Raptor007's Avatar
    I have been using SGP products for a couple of years and always recommend them. Their screen protection is second to none and they will give you (2) in the package for less than most charge for one. I have the cube and leather back protection, while I love the glass, I just don't want it damaged.
    07-24-2010 10:22 PM
  9. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Little niggles bother me about SGP screen protectors. Highlighted some of them in my reviews. I have a review up only blog for this product. Still hoping PowerSupport come up with the best protectors again.
    07-25-2010 10:55 AM
  10. pris1962's Avatar
    I am ready to order these, they look great and seem to be easy to apply, but are they REALLY removable without any trace of adhesive? Like you say, I like the phone "naked" after all the design is beautiful so why clutter it. If I want to take off either the clear sheild or the leather back I want to make sure they dont damage the surface of the iPhone 4
    08-05-2010 02:00 AM
  11. Stuart_champ's Avatar
    Well, skin covers are always used to protect your device and to make it very attractive. It is available online at very cheap rates and provides free shipping facility also.
    03-20-2012 05:13 AM