1. aimetti's Avatar
    So who was lucky enough to grab one?

    Doesnt look like they are in the store but curious if anyone has ever had one

    Look forward to getting mine in the mail.

    Thanks again tipb !
    07-22-2010 11:49 AM
  2. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Think I was probably one of the first to apply for one, but I'm not holding my breath. Whilst it did not stipulate US only I doubt they'll be sending me one to the UK!
    07-22-2010 12:33 PM
  3. Ibolskool's Avatar
    I think I was lucky enough as I was told after entering my info. that it will be sent USPS. I haven't received notification yet. We shall see what happens . . .
    07-22-2010 01:09 PM
  4. solius's Avatar
    I didn't know it was even going on until after the fact ><
    07-22-2010 01:27 PM
  5. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Solius it's all about Twitter these days That's where I first saw any information about it!
    07-22-2010 01:40 PM
  6. aimetti's Avatar
    i never got email confirmation or anything,

    anyone else?
    07-22-2010 02:07 PM
  7. KillerCannabis's Avatar
    Good thing I check the site frequently or I surely would have missed out. Put my order in for orange.
    07-22-2010 02:11 PM
  8. morgantm89's Avatar
    Put in a order for one for me and one for my friend
    07-22-2010 02:34 PM
  9. solius's Avatar
    Solius it's all about Twitter these days That's where I first saw any information about it!
    Now I know :P
    07-22-2010 07:53 PM
  10. Kainz15's Avatar
    I ordered one also, but have yet to hear anything from TiPB, are they just sending them without confirmation? Or have none of them actually left the warehouse?
    07-23-2010 05:17 PM
  11. JNHohol's Avatar
    I ordered the clear one. Does anyone have a close up photo with them on? I could only find the one from the post and it didn't show much. How similar are they to Apple's? Thanks.
    07-23-2010 06:12 PM
  12. Cobra5mil's Avatar
    Has anyone received an email about this? I ordered a black one within seconds after getting the tweet on my iPhone, but I did not get anything besides the message on the website saying thank you for your order.
    07-24-2010 03:15 AM
  13. Chris_c81's Avatar
    No email, just the message on website. Like you, must've been within seconds of the Tweet.
    07-24-2010 04:53 AM
  14. Kainz15's Avatar

    does anyone have any more information on this at all?
    07-26-2010 03:45 PM
  15. JasonG's Avatar
    first post lol

    just thought i would let you guys know, i emailed tipb last week with the same question, and havent recieved a response as of yet, lets hope they address this issue on the podcast.
    07-27-2010 02:04 AM
  16. Chris_c81's Avatar
    The times I've emailed tipb.com it's been a lengthy wait for a reply sadly
    07-27-2010 05:55 AM
  17. JasonG's Avatar
    just letting you guys know i was told in the podcast chat that tipb us shipping out the free bumpers...no other details though
    07-28-2010 11:25 PM
  18. Joshyy-Rey's Avatar
    i hope i get one! it was a really good deal though glad they did it, but i wont be mad if i dont, hey its free haha. but i got my free best buy zagg so thayll hold me until i get my case from apple or tipb which ever comes first ha
    07-29-2010 04:18 PM
  19. Garz's Avatar
    Hey TiPb... and ideas when these are being shipped?
    07-29-2010 07:07 PM
  20. JustinSaneV2's Avatar
    I manged to sign-up in time but I haven't heard anything in regards to a shipping date or anything.
    07-30-2010 03:08 AM
  21. JasonG's Avatar
    Kind of disapted in tipb here. They don't reply to emails and when there's a thread about somethig on their forum asking a question about somethig that was advertised on their site they don't respond.
    07-30-2010 04:10 AM
  22. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Aye they do seem to be pretty poor at replying to emails in a timely fashion and aknowledging forum topics. Which is a shame as the website is arguably one of the best on the web.
    07-30-2010 04:59 AM
  23. kmiahali's Avatar
    The bumpers are iLuv and they are reported to have screen protectors for front and back of iPhone 4. I'm going entirely on an image here but there was recently a post on Macrumors that talked about this specific case and the image matched exactly that of the one on TiPb. The case, matched from TiPb to Macrumors to iLuv are all the same. So there you have it, iLuv bumpers. Also, for some of you that questioned how similiar it is to the Apple Bumper, it does a have a good amount of differences. For examples, it is shaped entirely different, is softer but not completely flimsy. One good thing about it though is that it keeps the iPhone 4 square edge, as opposed to the Bumper which rounds of every corner. Another interesting point to add, no metal buttons of course, just cutout holes where the buttons would come out. Still haven't recieved it, entirely up to TiPb to notify us of any shipment. The case is called iLuv EDGE. Hope this helps!

    Link to Macrumors iLuv Bumper Thread

    ^^Matches the exact pic on TiPb Case Giveaway Link
    07-30-2010 03:09 PM
  24. JNHohol's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the link!!!
    07-30-2010 07:10 PM
  25. Joshyy-Rey's Avatar
    great info!!
    07-31-2010 10:42 AM
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