1. JHBThree's Avatar
    So I've been looking at some different options for screen protectors, but wanted some opinions. Right now I have an Invisible Shield on, but don't like the tackiness or the orange peel. I DO have one on the back, but I'm fine with that since I don't touch the back all the time.

    I used PowerSupport's Crystal films on my 3GS, but the new iPhone 4 versions are pricier than before. I like them, but I want alternatives. The only ones I've found that won't suck (a la iFrogz or AT&T's branded crap) are Case-Mate's version. I had them on my Nexus One and it wasn't terrible, but I wasn't sure if you guys had any experience with them. They look to protect just as well as PS', but I wanted opinions.

    07-21-2010 12:55 AM
  2. jerrydavid's Avatar
    may be the site on my signature or iPhone Accessories: Cases, Screen Protectors, and More may help you.
    07-21-2010 02:11 AM
  3. icecrystal23's Avatar
    I got an SGP Ultra Oleophobic and love it. The package comes with 2 covers.

    If you want full body coverage there is an option for that, but it come with the Ultra Clear screen film. What I've read says the Ultra Oleophobic is actually more clear than the Ultra Clear.

    You can order them direct from sgpstore dot com or some resellers on eBay if the SGPStore is out.
    07-21-2010 02:41 PM
  4. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Don't forget, the PowerSupport ones are probably more pricey because you'll also get a protector for the back.
    07-21-2010 03:29 PM
  5. KillerCannabis's Avatar
    I got an iFrogz anti-glare/anti-fingerprint today because I like the tactile feel to it, and I hate fingerprinting. It has a bit of a sandblasted look to it, but it doesn't detract from the benefits of the retina display. 3/$17 @ Best Buy.
    07-21-2010 05:14 PM
  6. NavyAV8R's Avatar
    I'm waiting for Power Support films...
    07-25-2010 01:59 AM