1. tommyb_23's Avatar
    Yup I picked up a blue yesterday to try it out I thought I was going to hate, before I seen it online in reviews and thought what big peice of ****, but I ACTUALLY LOVE IT! Noticed thought I have considerable water marks on front but Iv looked online and some people said that the invisable sheild is causing and that when removed you have no water marks at all so Im going to try that out! There vids showd no water marks what so ever. But all in all this case gives me peice of mine BTW , I bought the blue one! Didnt know they were offering them in other than black website only shows black but I was pleased to see blue IMO it looks better than the all black model!
    08-12-2010 02:04 PM
  2. Synoptic's Avatar
    Mine has arrived in 9 days
    08-13-2010 02:58 AM
  3. KingofHeart4711's Avatar
    got mine yesterday. Not sure how I feel about it. I am updet because its so tight inside that I had to take my invisibile shield off I think im gonna wait on the commuter and then just sell my defender. Its bulk takes away from the sexy of my phone. Although i will say it is a very durable and reliable case as long as you dont mind the bulk of it. Ill give it a shot though and see how I feel when the commuters are out.
    08-13-2010 08:46 AM
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