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    The Viva product is a fashion product that adds tattoo elements, as well as the retro punk and street culture elements; this product is so ornate that it combines with tattoo art and fashion. For this CREATIVE design, the designing master has redefined the "Street Fashion", and bold American spirit to create a great brand. Because of its overly ornate tattoo-like graphics, this style product is so attractive for the young people as well as the super stars that is more and more popular worldwide.

    The Viva products often use some embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a feeling of decadent erosion, combined from the great masters' eagles, tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers, naked women and other tattoo designs, to make a series of products. Further more, another strong Asian flavor of the carp, the dragon and the tiger totem, Bulldog is a relatively new style of cartoon creation; therefore, it is being loved by the public as soon as it's launching.

    Those who insist on using these style products complete with Rhinestones, dragon patterns, something called the "screaming eagle", decorated muscle tanks and trucker products will be celebrating the news that a dedicated and extremely cheap Viva case for iPhone and iPod come out at UK.

    A new case named Viva case is a cover case for iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as blackberry cell phone, It is fanciful and full of inspiration and continuation the general Viva products. That can protect your cell phone and keep your favorite Phone from dust, scratch. This style iPhone case is a precision molded case to perfectly fit your cell phones.

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    07-14-2010 02:56 AM