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    Has anyone tried the Xpal Energizer Portable Charger for Smart Phones model XP2000 on an iPhone 3GS or 4? They sell for $40 at Staples and are 2000mAh. Comes with several tips, including Apple.
    07-13-2010 10:28 AM
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    Bump. Does anyone use a backup battery - this one or another to recommend. For use when away from home or car for a long time or on a plane?
    07-14-2010 06:14 AM
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    OK - so I went ahead and bought it (Xpal Energizer Portable Charger for Smart Phones model XP2000) to try it out. It works pretty well. I did the initial charge for 8 hours as recommended by attaching it to the USB port on my laptop. Then in the morning I attached it to my iPhone4 using the included tip. Note that the included tip requires removing bumpers and likely most other form fit cases. It recognized the charging device and proceeded to charge. It went from about 65% to 100% in about 80 minutes. And the backup battery had somewhat more than half of its charge left afterwards, based on their little light meter scale.

    I know there are other solutions out there that may be more powerful and perhaps faster at charging. But this suits my needs nicely. It is quite small, requires no separate charging brick, comes with a variety of tips so you could charge other devices as well and included a nice little drawstring pouch to hold the battery and little cable and tips. They told me in an email that they would be coming out with a narrower Apple tip to better fit the iPhone4 with a case on. It is available at Staples and Best Buy and is priced around $40. I used a couple of Staples coupons and paid very little out the door.
    07-15-2010 10:57 AM