1. BradM73's Avatar
    Over two years ago, I bought a DLO Jam Jacket for my iPhone 3G. I loved it so much that it moved on to my 3GS. Now that the iPhone 4 is here, my phone is completely nude at this moment and needs more protection.

    I really liked the grippy feel of the Jam Jacket. Yea, it was a bit harder to get in and out of my pocket at first, and I'm sure I pulled said pocket inside out more than a few times, but it didn't have that distinct slippery feel that many silicone cases are prone to. The Jam Jacket never felt like it would slip out of my hand like other cases. After several months of use, the case seemed to "break in" and it wasn't so difficult to get out of my pocket anymore, and seemed to strike a balance between slippery and grippy that I haven't felt with any other case since.

    My Jam Jacket also protected my iPhone from more drops than I can count. I can't remember how many times it fell off my lap while getting out of the car. Being made of rubbery material which was thicker around the sides, I could practically bounce the phone off just about anything I wanted without having to worry. It was easy to get on and off, and was easy to clean with soap and water too.

    So has anyone else had good experience with their Jam Jackets and are like me in hoping that DLO releases a new Jam Jacket for the iPhone 4?? If so, sound off (even if you hated it!)!! I'd like to hear your comments.
    07-10-2010 12:52 PM
  2. All-Eyez-On-Me's Avatar
    I don't know, but I currently have the Jam Jacket for my iPhone 3G and I absolutely love it. I'm guessing that if it came out for the iPhone 4 it would be a lot thinner and they would probably make it cooler looking than it already is. I hope they come out with it since I am getting an iPhone 4 in September. Come on DLO!!!!
    08-10-2010 02:17 PM
  3. mgratama's Avatar
    I was looking on the internet to see if DLO had come through yet, and stumbled upon your post.
    You said it man. The Jamjacket is by far the best case for the iPhone I have found yet. My experience has been the same to a T.
    Now with the iPhone4 I settled for a clear Belkin case, which looks cool, but does not offer the protection the Jamjacket did.
    I need an iPhone4 Jamjacket, and I am surprised they haven't made one. You would think they would sell like hotcakes. Granted it covers more of the phone, but anyone in their right mind, and who isn't trying to fit in with the rest of the Macbook Pro sporting, iPhone4 flashing, North Face coat wearing yuppies at Starbucks, can appreciate the need for a good protective case to protect your slick phone.
    11-23-2010 05:23 PM