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    Absolutely adored the Xtand, both desktop and in car version for my 3GS. Real, high quality products. Thankfull the 4G fits the desktop stand, although it would be nice if they now offered the rubber feet custom fit to the 4G.

    However their Xtand Go is moulded plastic and doesn't use the removable/replaceable rubber feet and is therefore, redundant for my 4G now.

    Product page for Xtand:

    Just Mobile Xtand - Stand for iPhone / iPod touch / MacBook

    Product page for the Xtand Go:

    Just Mobile Xtand - Stand for iPhone / iPod touch / MacBook

    However, when I checked Expansys they are advertising the Go as compatible with the 4G, yet the Xtand Official website makes no mention of 4G support.

    But, I found this from their website:

    Flickr: justmobile's Photostream

    So they are definitely supporting the 4G. Anyone heard anything from them?
    07-08-2010 05:09 AM
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    I ended up sending a second email to them and finally they replied, twice!

    Thanks for contacting Just Mobile, We value this opportunity to assist you. *

    You can attach our "Go button" to any hard case of your iPhone 4, please find attached file for reference.
    With the smart "Go button" you can still use our Xtand Go even if you change to another phone in the future.

    Meanwhile we're developing a new bracket for iPhone 4, If you wish to use your Xtand Go with naked iPhone 4
    please check out our website later.

    Many thanks for your continual support to Just Mobile.


    Many thanks for contacting Just Mobile, for some reason your e-mail went to our spam folder
    and we just see it right now. We do apologize for our late response.

    May I know your opinion with iPhone 4 on the Xtand? We tested it and found that Xtand can*
    hold it firmly in place. However in newer shipment we'll create an new bracket for iPhone 4,
    Just Mobile is committed to deliver 100% quality.

    If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    07-10-2010 02:53 AM