1. moniqueapop's Avatar
    Hi! Im working on behalf of iHome, and I wanted to get forum members opinions on the new iHome iA5.

    The iA5, a full featured alarm clock speaker, is the first app-enhanced speaker dock which allows owners to dock, charge, sleep and wake to audio stored on their iPhone and iPod but the really cool part is that it works along with an all new free app: iHome+Sleep. The app allows delivers a digest of overnight news and allows users to track sleep stats and receive social media alerts so youll never miss out on what happened while you were asleep again!

    So what do you guys think? Would you use the iHome+Sleep app? I would love to hear your thoughts!
    05-06-2010 07:14 PM
  2. JNGold's Avatar
    I would only use this app if a couple of features existed: 1) allow a user customized option to start up the home app when the iPhone is plugged into the dock. 2) allow the screen to go dark after a certain amount of time (as per sleep settings), and 3) allow alarms to be set either by app or in the home doc itself ( as mine does now).
    05-06-2010 08:30 PM