1. Oboewan's Avatar
    Essential Travel Jacket.
    03-23-2010 04:16 PM
  2. chadizze's Avatar
    I think I'm diggin the Fleece 5.0 Jacket! It looks perfect for the cool spring nights and looks nice without the sleeves. Loving the pockets!! And it can hold my iPhone nicely! And if I by chance when an iPad it's compatible with that as well! Thanks!!
    03-23-2010 04:18 PM
  3. mrbutler45's Avatar
    The Essential Travel Jacket for men.
    Well, I'd love to have a lot of pockets to put all me gadgets in, but I don't think I need 28 pockets. If I had more gadgets, I'd need one of demz, but not yet. For now, the Essential Travel Jacket.
    03-23-2010 04:21 PM
  4. slls's Avatar
    I've wanted a SCOTTeVEST Soft Shell Jacket for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win one.
    03-23-2010 04:21 PM
  5. kilsey's Avatar
    I need a Fleece 5.0 to go with my recently-purchased Quantum so I can complete my "System"
    03-23-2010 04:21 PM
  6. josephhoffmeyer's Avatar
    I had a hard time deciding but I think I've got to go with the Fleece 5.0 Jacket. Love the design and functionality.
    03-23-2010 04:22 PM
  7. zeagus's Avatar
    Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece, no doubt!
    03-23-2010 04:22 PM
  8. J.J.'s Avatar
    The cotton Hoodie would be the most useful for me. Here in Central Texas most everything else would be way too hot.

    The shorts and Pants are just too expensive. I end up wearing out my pants and shorts too fast to spend that much money on them...
    03-23-2010 04:27 PM
  9. samhgabriel's Avatar
    I want the fliece 5.0 Jacket for sure.
    03-23-2010 04:28 PM
  10. mabrown's Avatar
    I'm thinking either the Cotton Hoodie or the Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece.. already own a jacket and it rocks!
    03-23-2010 04:29 PM
  11. c0rinne's Avatar
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really like the "Essential Travel Jacket
    for Women."

    It looks like it could keep me warm, when LA gets a bit chilly, and I'm always carrying stuff around and putting them in my pockets, but fail. I end up having to hold my itouch in my hand.
    03-23-2010 04:32 PM
  12. DamienTyler's Avatar
    I would go with the light weight jacket which would allow me to hold my iphone close while I am on the golf coarse.
    03-23-2010 04:35 PM
  13. jinner's Avatar
    Definitely need it for me.
    Versatile enough and can layer with a shell if it gets chilly-er.

    great for work, I always have too much crap in my hands!
    03-23-2010 04:36 PM
  14. brrbtr's Avatar
    I'd love to have the "Travel Vest for Men", being that I like to travel and am a man.
    03-23-2010 04:37 PM
  15. lagmefragme's Avatar
    I'm partial to the soft shell jacket... course it'll be awhile that I'll to be able to wear something like that here in Florida. All their stuff is nice.
    03-23-2010 04:38 PM
  16. scientist88's Avatar
    definetly the evolution jacket! i mean, its the most costomizable (expecially with the removable sleeves) and i may as well make the most use out of my money! Plus the whole thing really takes on a secret agent thing with the pockets!
    03-23-2010 04:41 PM
  17. JWSimms42's Avatar
    I'm loving the travel vest in black!
    03-23-2010 04:41 PM
  18. smileyboy's Avatar
    I'd love the performance tee shirt, ultimate cargo pants and the Soft shell jacket. At any given time i have my iPhone 3gs, earphones, backbeats, psp and a portable harddrive( for work documents). I'm an electrician so I like having my stuff protected and on my person.

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway.
    03-23-2010 04:43 PM
  19. rbiro's Avatar
    Soft Shell Jacket would be the choice for me.
    03-23-2010 04:45 PM
  20. ColinJ's Avatar
    Soft shell is the only one for me!
    03-23-2010 04:45 PM
  21. Alli's Avatar
    The Travel Vest for women would definitely be a great replacement for the hunting vest I've been using for traveling for the past 10 years!
    03-23-2010 04:45 PM
  22. FerrisBueller46's Avatar
    I would have to say the Travel Vest would be the way to go for me. I ride a motorcycle and this would be such a great way to safely get my tech from one place to another without having to be loaded down with a backpack or run the risk of losing or getting my stuff beat up. Unless of course I crash and at that point and until Scott creates a vest that can carry a defibrulator, I wont really be needing all that tech now anyway! LOL
    03-23-2010 04:46 PM
  23. cjvitek's Avatar
    Does size count? I would like to store one that fits my extra large frame.


    (okay, the windbreaker, since it would hardly get warm enough for anything else here in south Texas)
    03-23-2010 04:47 PM
  24. derrythe's Avatar
    Definitely the SeV travel vest for men, no iphone or touch here, so the ipad pocket is a must. *edit* Large, and in black.
    03-23-2010 04:48 PM
  25. jimlung#IM's Avatar
    The Soft Shell Jacket would be great for carrying my wallet, ipod, phone, BT headset, ear phones, and keys! Hope I win!!!
    03-23-2010 04:50 PM
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