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    Hey guys.

    So I compared (briefly, in the store) a few headphones and I'd just like to give my first impressions (these are mostly gonna be one-line replies). REMEMBER that you need to break in headphones first, so in reality this is gonna be flawed, but hey, it's just a heads up. I actually had to buy them all and then return them (the Future Shop guy knew what I was doing.. I told him, and he said he'd like to hear them with me lol)

    So onto the phones:

    1. Shure 840 ($249.99)
    Nice highs and mids, but for the price where's the bass?
    That being said isolation was TOP notch - but I just needed more bass.

    2. Bose Mobile On-Ear Headphones ($269.99)
    They felt loose on my head? The FS sales guy also felt that they did feel light and without too much they'd fall off.
    The sound was rich, a balanced output which favoured the highs and mids - bass was slightly present.

    3. Blacknoise Noise Cancelling phones ($99)
    Crap. - Zero bass lol.

    4. Bose Around Ear Headphones ($204.99)
    I liked how these felt - like a LOT, they too sounded rich, but again, bass seemed low.

    5. Monster Beats Solo by Dr Dre ($219.99)
    These fit my head a CHARM. I actually felt like I could go to bed in them lol.
    In terms of the sound quality - WOW, just wow. Many say there's too much bass, and I can agree to an extent, but I found that setting my iPhone to 'jazz' on the equalizer the sound was perfect.
    Isolation felt really good
    LOVED the additional iphone audio/call controls add on (on the cable) - it ALSO works on my Macbook Pro!

    6. Monster Beats Studio by Dr Dre ($349.99)
    Honestly they're - to me - just the solos with noise cancelling. The noise cancelling allowed for a very minimal increase in audio 'purity' from the solos (this would really help on say.. an airplane, a bus, or even that 'wwwhurrr' sound that my school library seems to have to it).
    They did sound a BIT better than the Solos, honestly though I'm not sure it was a $130 performance increase... @ $80 more I'd go for it.
    Again - loved the iphone audio/call controls add on (presume it'll work on my mac)


    In the end I went home with the Dr Dre Solos. Simple reason - after listening to all of the headsets it was just down to the Dr Dre series. I may be a basshead, or maybe not - but they felt comfortable, provided deep and solid sound, and well they're not 20lbs on my head (lol).

    So in deciding I asked the FS employee what prices he could give. For the studios he said he'd add the 2 year warranty for 1/2 price, or with the solos he'd add the 2 years warranty for free. Wouldn't say that that's bad, but I was kinda after more (I'm a barterer.. lol.).

    So I quickly shopbotted the best price and asked the FS employee what he could do for me with those prices. The shopbot for the Studios was $340, the Solos $190.

    He said that the Studios he'll pricematch (@ $340) but I'd have to take the $60 (1/2 price, so $30) 2 year add on. Hmm. NOW the solos - he looked at his computer and - he offered me the Solos @ $180 WITH the 2 year warranty??!

    The future system is odd for sure, but hell I took that.

    So for JUST over $200 I got the Dr. Dre Beats Solo.

    I'll be playing with them over the next few days and I'll be getting back to you guys with a full review.
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    Monster Beats Solo by Dr Dre ($219.99) sounds like a good choice. Hope to hear soon your review.
    03-23-2010 07:07 PM
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    I'm still testing them out - so far VERY satisfied. @ $190 they're a charm, OH and I spoke to a Future Shop employee and for my 2 years of product support they'll replace it if the head band breaks (as it's a known issue) - WHAT A DEAL!
    03-23-2010 07:36 PM
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    Hey sounds great so far.
    03-24-2010 11:52 PM
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    SOO I returned them. They were amazing and everything, but I noticed that my music was noticeable to others in my university library - and that's just not fair. I wasn't even listening to them too loud, they just suffer from a design flaw of types I suppose (the Studios are TERRIBLE for noise leak). I'm thinking that I'll just make do with my in-ear phones and see if the Solo HD / Studio HD are any better.
    03-26-2010 02:09 AM
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    Ok thanks for the mini review.
    03-27-2010 07:12 PM
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    Thanks for the very informative review.
    03-28-2010 09:09 PM