1. Tophewing's Avatar
    So I currently have a belt holster case that closes with velcro. I reeeeeally hate the "rip" sound. Is having a case with a magnet in it bad for the phone? I would expect that if it was they wouldn't sell them but I wanted to ask before I switched cases.
    03-18-2010 07:34 PM
  2. richxps's Avatar
    I was in the same boat as you and the velcro ones are so loud. The magnet cases are not good and i believe its listed somewhere on the Apple site in the support area, if i can find it again ill post it for you but it can cause disturbance in the reception.
    Other than that im looking for a decent type of case like this with velcro, i wanted to try out one other than incase or marware. If i cant find one i may just stick to a pouch type for my pocket.
    Strange is that there are so few options with this type or case, i guess many peeps only use there pockets to carry the phone these days.
    03-24-2010 03:28 PM
  3. Clint1394's Avatar
    i saw the same thing on the apple site but can't remember where.
    04-09-2010 01:34 AM