1. amilval's Avatar
    I need to find places for ipad accessories, any ideas?
    03-15-2010 04:10 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    I'd start with Proporta if I were getting an iPad...which I'm not, unless someone gives me one!
    03-15-2010 10:41 PM
  3. RH88's Avatar
    You can take a look at this online store. I got my case and screen protector from there.
    iPad Accessories Stores - iPad case, iPad screen protector, iPad accessories
    06-13-2010 01:02 PM
  4. MobileMania's Avatar
    Check this one out. They usually run a deal of the day iPad accessories which sometime is like 50% cheaper. Last Friday, I bought the zagg invishield for only $17 and Zagg themselves is selling this for $39.99

    iPad Accessories from MacMall.com
    06-13-2010 01:46 PM