1. ShaneXman's Avatar
    Hey, what's going on everyone? I have posted an Innovate Motorsports OT-2 OBD-II WiFi Interface...for PCs, Smartphones, iPhone and iPod Touch...unboxing and overview video on YouTube that you all might appreciate. This is a REALLY neat accessory for both iPhone/iPod Touch lovers and car enthusiasts alike.

    For those of you who arenít aware what an OBD-II interface does, it provides a link between your vehicle and your desired software (in my case LogWorks on my iPhone) to receive various pieces of data & information that your cars computer monitors through sensors. The OT-2 allows you to log data from these sensors, as well as check & reset check engine lights and other diagnostic trouble codes that otherwise only a dealer could have done. It also features a Performance Meter, Efficiency Meter, and much much more!

    Theres really not much to it, which is quite nice. Here's your chance to get a closer look at what to expect either before you buy, or before you actually take delivery. This is a very sleek device with a TON of innovative features. I will also be posting a followup video in the near future demonstrating the basic usage functions inside the car. Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

    03-06-2010 12:58 PM