1. christophh's Avatar
    Because what else do you need other than a credit card and an iPhone?
    02-16-2010 06:42 PM
  2. Kingsley's Avatar
    Simply makes life easier and my pocket(s) less bulky. Great idea. All I use is my debit card because everything else is on my Cardstar app.
    02-16-2010 07:07 PM
  3. lerch1st's Avatar
    I would keep my credit card in there and Mcgyver the some doors open by sticking the cards in the door.
    02-16-2010 07:11 PM
  4. Schrutefarms's Avatar
    As a staffing coordinator I would live to try out the case for business cards for potential employees!
    02-16-2010 07:13 PM
  5. starbot's Avatar
    It'd be nice to use it to carry my bus pass instead of having it wrapped around my neck on a lanyard.
    02-16-2010 07:19 PM
  6. guidedbywez's Avatar
    I would use this when I travel...I can keep my wallet under lock and key and carry a credit card with my phone.

    Also, if I win this, I can chant: "I am so smart, S-M-R-T!"
    02-16-2010 07:29 PM
  7. big9erfan's Avatar
    Would be great to put my ID and credit card in there for when I go to the bars so I don't need to lug my wallet.
    02-16-2010 07:59 PM
  8. sepehrsh's Avatar
    i am a student, and i always need my ID card with me on campus to use the library, etc. it be a perfect way to keep track of it, as my iphone never leaves my side.
    02-16-2010 08:07 PM
  9. Kerti's Avatar
    I would love to have this case because I'm constantly going from school to work to home and so-on. I'm always forgetting my wallet somewhere but I never forget my iPhone. I would use it to hold my drivers license, my credit card and my school ID. It would be very helpful and useful for me, I'd really appreciate it if I could get one! It would make my day a little less stressful.

    02-16-2010 08:17 PM
  10. jayrock08's Avatar
    hopefuly i win the case, it will keep me from breaking my iphone
    02-16-2010 08:27 PM
  11. Jwmart's Avatar
    My wallet is bulky to carry around and lets be honest, the only two cards I use regularly in that huge thing are my ID and my Debit. I always have my phone with me so it just makes sense to combine the phone with the two cards I use the most, allowing me to leave my wallet at home!! This would be a great addition to my beloved iPhone!
    02-16-2010 08:48 PM
  12. wateron's Avatar
    Could use a new case & like the option to place a credit card in the case
    02-16-2010 08:58 PM
  13. CMeyer2001's Avatar
    I would use the case to carry my ID and debit card, my phone is always with me but I often forget the wallet!
    02-16-2010 09:03 PM
  14. PapalosC's Avatar
    The SmrtCase would be really useful to keep my license and debit card on handy when traveling about. One less reason to carry around a wallet AND a phone and have to worry about BOTH!
    02-16-2010 09:24 PM
  15. coolkendude's Avatar
    I would definitely put my bus/train card in there. That way it would look like I have "an app for that"! =)
    02-16-2010 09:39 PM
  16. vapor03's Avatar
    One of these cases would be great for storing my work ID/business cards, as I always have trouble keeping up with them. That or carrying my debit card as I don't carry cash that often.
    02-16-2010 09:53 PM
  17. Nealf's Avatar
    This would be great for putting my gate pass with my phone. It would also make the people in line behind me happy because I wouldn't have to get out of my car and retrieve my gate pass from my briefcase in the trunk.
    02-16-2010 09:56 PM
  18. Xaander's Avatar
    The Smrtcase is perfect for me for going out. I don't like to carry a wallet because it alters the line of my pants. With the Smrtcase, I can carry my debit card and ID with my phone.
    02-16-2010 10:53 PM
  19. Caribou's Avatar
    I would use it for a stash of business cards...but might also experiment with this as my sole wallet!
    02-16-2010 11:01 PM
  20. iquinn's Avatar
    I would use this one for sure, I still have not found a case I really like for my iPhone
    02-16-2010 11:05 PM
  21. jasonact's Avatar
    This would be the Saturday case of choice for me. I'd love to put my debit card and drivers license in this and throw it in my pocket, leaving my wallet at home. I hope I win, but if I don't, I'll definitely consider buying one. Nice case.
    02-16-2010 11:27 PM
  22. MikeCTZA's Avatar
    We have just rolled out a new proximity based access control system at work with the proximity device in our staff cards, I always have my iPhone with me and sometimes forget my wallet with my staff card so having the card with my iPhone would mean I can get in anywhere much easier. Great idea !!
    02-16-2010 11:31 PM
  23. paulito's Avatar
    I'm still undecided what I'll be using it for since there are so many possibilities. Putting in business cards is really a good idea, as well as my card for work (which I have to always put out to scan). Hope I'll be picked!
    02-17-2010 12:36 AM
  24. dmbrown81's Avatar
    My summer basketball and playtime at the park with my boys would be a lot easier not having to carry my phone and wallet. I would definitley use it.
    02-17-2010 12:40 AM
  25. Macman's Avatar
    In the line of business that I am in it's not safe to carry around my wallet. So I am left with the next best thing! My ID and credit card in my front pocket oh yeah and the most important item my iPhone. This is just what I have been looking for!
    02-17-2010 12:59 AM
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