1. mkstringer's Avatar
    A case that holds cards? How about all those "honey do" runs to the store, take the kids somewhere, go get dinner, and a quick trip to the in-laws!! It would help my "naked" iPhone (i usually use a belt holster)
    02-16-2010 02:40 PM
  2. Dober's Avatar
    I'm a university student and to get in my dorm room I have to touch my student ID card to the lock on my door (I don't have to take the card itself out, I usually just touch my wallet to the door). This case would be awesome because I can keep my ID in my phone and tell all my friends I downloaded an app that unlocks my door. And then I'll make fun of all my friends that have android phones... cuz android DOESN'T, haha.
    02-16-2010 02:41 PM
  3. Bmxbiker46's Avatar
    I dont even have a wallet (long story) so I have been keeping my most used cards on the back of my iphone via rubber band!! Its kind of sloppy this case is just what I have been looking for!!
    02-16-2010 02:42 PM
  4. saundersadam's Avatar
    This would be a great asset to me as both a university student and a wearer of tight jeans. In terms of being a student, I'm always looking for a way to carry less on campus and around town. I usually have my wallet full of cards/cash including student id, debit card, extra cash for small purchases/public transit, cards I pick up from businesses, etc. Having this case would practically eliminate my need for a wallet because I could put my debit card or petty cash in the case, thus making my payload significantly less. I am also a wearer of tighter jeans and it's kind of annoying to cram a big wallet in one packet and my iPhone in the other pocket as the pockets tend to bulge profusely. If i could eliminate my wallet then I'd look a lot sexier walking around campus and could probably get lots dates because of it right? Too bad this is a little late for valentines day
    02-16-2010 02:47 PM
  5. happycamping's Avatar
    Being a very busy mom that is also a business woman who has to constantly use a bank card to buy samples and travel, this case would be awesome to use. When I am in a store with my son I really don't want to fumble around with a purse or a wallet. Right now I throw my DL and bank card in my coat pocket (very cold here) and hope that it doesn't fall out while shopping (I check my pocket so many times to ensure I have it). While at stores for work or traveling I hate to deal with a purse because I use my iPhone to take notes, dictation and so forth. If I had the SmrtCase Glide I would be ecstatic. No need to franticly check my purse for my cards and no need to carry that purse in order to buy samples! I hope I am one of the winners who can give this case a hard workout in my daily life!
    02-16-2010 02:48 PM
  6. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    This case would be perfect for me. I am in the United States Coast Guard and I hate having my phone in my uniform as it makes my pocket fade in an outline of the phone. Also we are required to have our IDs on us at all times and the ability to have both in one convienent spot on my belt would be truely perfect!
    02-16-2010 02:51 PM
  7. scoutsweeney's Avatar
    I just accepted a job offer with a transit agency, which involves using a transit card, a LOT. This case would be an awesome treat for New Job, plus make my commute so much more pleasant!
    02-16-2010 02:59 PM
  8. sirchip's Avatar
    iphone and debit/credit in one hard and target bags in the other
    02-16-2010 03:08 PM
  9. TrueEddie's Avatar
    This would be perfect for me. I already carry a wallet that holds only 4 cards, only two of which I use. I could put those two cards in this and have one less thing to carry in my pockets.
    02-16-2010 03:09 PM
  10. JCK1020's Avatar
    I would definitely put in my Starbucks Gold Card and my Student ID
    02-16-2010 03:11 PM
  11. sickchilly's Avatar
    Perfect solution if it can hold two cards in there ID and Debit card. Always have my phone on me, so those are the only two things extra I always need.
    02-16-2010 03:12 PM
  12. eEditor#IM's Avatar
    I need to get rid of my George Costanza wallet, and this looks like it might JUST do the trick!
    02-16-2010 03:22 PM
  13. Dealwagon's Avatar
    I would love it for the gym. Take my id and gym card.
    02-16-2010 03:31 PM
  14. electro_cute's Avatar
    I hate carrying a wallet when I go clubbing or to the movie theatre. This case would make my life so much easier! I really hope I can win one. Stylish, yet functional... the way everything in life should be
    02-16-2010 03:42 PM
  15. eyraud's Avatar
    one could almost eliminate ones wallet with this sweet baby. i'd like to try that out!
    02-16-2010 03:46 PM
  16. iPhone extremeist's Avatar
    I would love to have one of those cases. Im a student, and going back and forth from the library and computer labs on campus, I am constantly digging my wallet out for my student id. If I had this case, it would make using my id so much easier. Please give me one!!!!
    02-16-2010 03:53 PM
  17. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    Would be great when I don't feel like carrying a wallet
    02-16-2010 04:09 PM
  18. inthepit's Avatar
    it will finally let me get rid of that "european shoulder bag" my wife got me!
    02-16-2010 04:10 PM
  19. ejshover's Avatar
    I could get rid of the obnoxious front pocket wallet.
    02-16-2010 04:27 PM
  20. Farmdreads's Avatar
    I would use it to hold my medical marijuana card for when the cops try to bust me. Ok, I don't have a medical card, but if I did, this would be an easy place to remember where it is. Either here or taped to a box of cookies.
    02-16-2010 04:35 PM
  21. H8245's Avatar
    Not sure why my son has an adversion to carrying a wallet I can see him backing out the driveway, and his wallet with drivers license is left here at home. Of course he wouldn't think of leaving home without his iPhone. A new case my help him avoid a costly traffic ticket.
    02-16-2010 04:51 PM
  22. ZackTanner's Avatar
    The SmrtCase would come in handy for me because I carry my credit card, drivers license and school ID with me all the time but I hate the bulkiness of wallets.
    02-16-2010 04:54 PM
  23. Massie's Avatar
    Sweet, I could keep a small mirror in there for video calls!
    02-16-2010 05:04 PM
  24. maggie-theiphoneblog's Avatar
    Yes, Maggie would like one.
    02-16-2010 05:35 PM
  25. Chenzo5151's Avatar
    I would love to have one of these cases. With my daily travels down the PA Turnpike I am always misplacing my ticket because of business on the phone(using Bluetooth safely) I have on a number of times had to pay the full fare because I can't find my ticket or it blew out the window off my visor. And I know what you will say, get easypass but I have to drive multiple different vehicles and that's not an option. One of the few things that I allways have every trip is my awsome iPhone 3gs that I have no idea how I lived without before 6 months ago.
    02-16-2010 05:42 PM
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