1. kingcodez's Avatar
    I ride my Electric Scooter a lot in Beijing, and I hate it when I have to dig my phone out, especially with my tight *** jean pockets, and gloves. I don't like putting it in my hoodie's pocket because it dosen't seem secure enough.

    I'm looking for a stretchy neoprene type holder, and if it has some sort of plastic covering for the screen, that has that special finger electricity stuff that lets you use it with gloves, that'd be great.

    I don't want those special gloves with the fibres sewn in, I just wanna know if there is some sort of screen cover, that would let you say, use a rock to tap stuff on the phone screen. For example.

    The arm part needs to be able to be secured over thick clothing, this isn't for running. I use my earbud's inline switch to answer calls.
    12-29-2009 10:01 AM