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    I bought a case for $10 from one of those cell accessoriy blow-out places, and while it does look like it's going to help prevent any kind of scratches, it looks crappy. I knew that when I bought it, it was only going to be a temporary solution until I got something better, hopefully after getting a protective casing, and screen protector. I actually bought one of those, too, but after carefully applying it, there were bubbles across the screen, and my typing went from super accurate and fast, to where I constantly found myself having to correct typo's.

    Which company should I buy a case should I but this from? I want GOOD quality without making the iPhone feel like crap. The same goes for a screen protector.

    Maybe I should also ask as to what kind of stuff you have and if you're happy with it.

    Thanks guys, and Happy Holidays!
    12-24-2009 12:28 PM