1. LuisT#IM's Avatar
    As some of you know, I bought an iPhone First Generation a couple of days ago. I went to the apple store today and I bought the Paul Frank Case for it. I like how it looks, but I'm not a fan of the stretchyness to it. I heard that skins on the iPhones become really loose and end up breaking + tearing.

    I looked on the apple store right when I got home and noticed that they had the incase online, but not in the store. So, I ordered that too (because they said I can return the incase or Paul Frank Skin if I didn't like one or the other.) Now my question is . .

    Which one protects the iPhone the best?
    Which one doesn't leave marks on the bezel?
    Which one is the lightest?
    Overall Which one would YOU choose?

    Thanks so much!

    12-16-2009 10:43 PM
  2. bikefreax's Avatar
    If I can let go of the money here is the one I want.

    Vaja - Leather Products
    12-17-2009 08:47 PM